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*Savanna Love 2*

Trapped in a feeling that the heaviest of words would simply mean an understatement, they both breathed the same air. Diana’s heart could be heard pumping with a rhythm of _I have found my Mr Right_. They stayed for a few minutes holding onto each other for they knew nothing else to do other than holding tight. Slowly Kaka’s hands started touring Diana’s voluptuous body .At first she could notice nothing for his hands were carefully finding it’s way to her flawless skin. When his fingers first touched her, it was as if he had touched her weak strings. Those that allow anyone to experience the terrible beauty of rebellion. 
Diana started shaking. She was like a crippled Eagle watching it’s prey do a catwalk. She wanted to run home for she knew she was committing sin. Her mother had promised to roast and boil her I’m a pot of steaming porridge if she ever allowed a boy touch her. What was she doing? The forbidden fruit tastes sweet. But it’s even sweeter when you know you are doing the wrong thing with the right person. Diana’s eyes became teary. 
Kaka, on the other hand, could feel nothing associated with the world. He was deeply soaked in touring the lady’s body that he could feel his hands hot. The tour had started in the stomach. His adventurous hands could not have had enough of that. His spirit encouraged him to go a little higher. To get a little more like Jidenna wanted. When he had finished laying his walking organ on the smooth flat terrain of the stomach, he started climbing the two Hills. By then, the girl was dropping tears at the rate of a  Kariobangi’s leaking petroleum pipe. However, she managed a smile., the most beautiful of all. Not even the sight of a dry sky cry rain or even an empty stomach inflated with delicacies could match such beauty. It was beautiful. 
When he reached the peak of the hills, the apex, he could hold it no more. His hands and body got paralyzed. He could listen to white blood cells yelling at an intruding pathogen. He could hear a neuron ordering an impulse with a thousand commands. He could feel the kidney embracing a lost sodium ion. He was out of planet earth. High above the first clouds that welcome a rainy day. I heard people call it cloud nine. Cloud nine. 
Diana was by then having a fueled debate. She could hear advises from deep within. One was advising her to run for her life for what she was about to experience would be the undoing of her dignity. The other, with a hoarse voice, told her to enjoy the moment. She only lives once and a poor man is the one who jumps over opportunities. What will I do? Will mom get to know all this? What If I get a baby? Would it be a boy or a girl? If a boy, will he be handsome like his father? Would kaka still love me the same??. Were the questions that hammered her eardrums. 
For lack of a whisperer quarreling ceases, Kaka had to withdraw his hands for the heat Change was threatening to denature his cords of integrity. He detached his hands and held her close. Diana rested on his chest as if he was his last and first. They held for a few minutes without talking. Their heartbeats synchronized to one pattern, the world belonged to them. 
Kaka opened his eyes. He was shocked to see that the girl had let out a bucket of tears. His heart became heavy. He felt horrible and terrible to posses feelings. He admired cows that lived to provide whatever they have and had no relationships. He pitied her. He knew he was to blame. The girl looked innocent a good girl. No sooner than he could murmur a word had his eyes became teary. A bulging drop of tear enthusiastically rolled down his cheeks and rested on his lips. Diana could feel it on her forehead. 

       ‘Why are you crying?’ 

        ‘ Nothing. It’s just that….’ 

Diana could not let him finish the statement. She lifted herself on her toes and held on the neck of Kaka. Kaka closed eyes. Once again, her lips trembled. Diana whispered to his ears. Whatever she whispered to his ears was like jet fuel on a motorcycle. It rejuvenated his energy. Tears of regret were erased with thick tears of joy. They both opened their eyes. Looked at each other seductively. Diana winked. Slowly they started kissing…. 


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