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The wailing of nervous crickets cursing the approaching darkness, the mooing of constipated cows trotting back to their sheds, the chorus of courageous frogs rehearsing their night song and the swaying of trees unwillingly saying goodbye to light set the mood. The duo had been kissing for minutes and Kaka found it sweet more than anything he had ever had. 

          ‘Diana, I want to want me’ 

          ‘No, Mama said…’ 

Even before she could utter the whole sentence out her mouth, Kaka disengaged and sat down. Head hanged low. Inside, Diana had many questions that needed urgent answers. She tried to think of favoring the advices given to her by her mother. She tried to think of Mr. Mbaya’s advice on how boys do to innocent girls. She tried to think of the talk she overhead that it was painful and blood would ooze out of her special pore. She tried to think of flying for to walk she could not. She tried, she tried, she tried. She could not. 


She turned her neck and met Kaka’s eyes burning with pure desire. It melted her heart. He called her once again. This time, his hoarse voice sent a hot chill sprinting down her vertebral column. It turned her on. She raised her hand not to mend her dress but to feel her bosom for fire was brewing inside. Kaka saw the action but his nerves must have had a siesta for he interpreted it opposite. He thought the girl had shown him the way. The way to leave. 
Kaka rose, head and body heavy and walked away listening to the inner voice condemning him for not pouncing on the prey when his claws had nailed it. He was forced to accept that he would forever remain that good boy. That mama’s kid who would never let his snake spit on foreign land. Mama’s child who would wait for the future to unveil to him the perfect bride. Mama’s kid that was what he was. 

        ‘Kaka _Aki_ don’t go…’ 

He stopped, to listen if his senses were out on an emotional break. It was her voice. Full of yearning. A yearning that could only be explained in a meeting with people clad in their beautiful birthday suits. He walked back, held her tighter than before, and wiped his tears. 

         ‘You are mine forever’ 

          ‘Forever yours too, My sweet watermelon’ 

Slowly, She directed her hands to his chest. She carefully massaged them and joked on how small they were. Meanwhile, Kaka was kissing her neck going downwards. Diana knew what to do next. She opened the buckle of his belt. It helplessly slid down under the influence of gravity. She could feel  _him_
Since she had a dress, Kaka had no time to undress her. He tore the dress and got access to the valley of untold pleasure. Slowly she started leaning backwards. Before she could understand, Diana was lying on the savanna grasslands calculating the bed arithmetic. That one for subtracting clothes, division of legs and accompanied with multiplication of breathes and pleasure. Keen not to explode his chance, he did it slow. Slowly, he further divided her legs. He passed his hands to inspect the valley. He found out that the valley had been receiving rain and bare. Just the way he wanted. 
He removed his masculine fellow who had been firm announcing his presence since the first kiss. Diana raised her head to picture the instrument that would play in her the tune of pleasure. She was awed at how tight it’s strings were to an extent of ejecting some loose and weak strands. Kaka lowered himself. Diana stretched her hand and held the instrument. She directed it to her Valley of untold pleasure. 
A moan escaped her trembling lips. The first attempt achieved the playing of a ‘prologue’  tune as only the head was involved. It served right to tell the body that shallow waters run deep. He decided to go deep. To explore the undiscovered lands. To play the tune of pleasure in full range. He took a deep breath, and put his all on the shot. The instrument got in and sank in the abyss of pleasure. Diana could not believe it. She closed her eyes in pain. She voiced the tune of pleasure inside with a scream of joy. With a roll of tears escaping, she yelled Kaka’s name. This encouraged him. He pulled the strings harder. He thrust more and more. The thrusting was directly proportional to the screams of joy. Seductively yelling his name in a tone of deep pleasure. 
Then his body became paralyzed. He felt something leave. It left with all his energy. Diana knew what it was. It was coming….. 


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