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The sun spread its rays lazily that afternoon

I was loitering around with nothing to do

Then I saw her, a true beauty

Her smile was nothing in this world

She walked in a way befitting models

I told my heart to have courage and approach her

A chance like this could only come once in a blue moon

Her curves could turn all patriots into rebels

A second look into her eyes 

Made the images of all the other girls blurred

A true beauty, a rare gem

I tried to call her but I became voiceless

I walked to where she was and I was helpless

I braced myself not to cry

I cursed my weak heart

All I could do was stare wondering at her beautiful

She smiled at me with a hi

Her angelic voice drove me high

It was a feeling never experienced

I was so nervous 

Is this what they call love at first sight?

Will the two of us be lovers? 

I managed to reply with a croaky hi

She told me her name was Knight

I told her mine

She was heading home and asked me to escort her

We walked on in silent and i felt my heart beat with a rare power

She was the one I had been wishing for

A friend, a sister all rolled into one

I wouldn’t waste my chance with her

A few strides down the dust infested road

She asked whether I would mind introducing myself

I was so taken by her beauty that I couldn’t utter a word

After a series of mumbling and whispering 

I managed to raise my voice

Slightly higher enough to be heard over my heartbeat’s noise

I was talking like a stammerer fully soaked in alcohol 

She just looked at me with pity or was it love? 

I didn’t mind either 

It was her turn to introduce herself 

And i was watching with my mouth wide agape

I got only her name and a short history of herself

I got her number and waved goodbye 

My heart sunk as if being separated from it’s own body

I knew she would be my everything 

I thanked fate and coincidence that I had trod that road

It gave me what I had been looking for

A friend and a sister from home where I had none
©Kimaru Kim &  Samuel Ndaire


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