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There’s more to this world

Other than just friendship,family

And all that creates relationships

There’s more to our brains 

Other than just thinking,meditating

And coming up with solutions

There’s more to our bodies

Other than just pleasure,bathing

And keeping ourselves clean

There’s more to this piece

Other than just enjoying,Seeing

The images formed in each line 

There’s more to happiness

Other than just smiling,bonding 

And having the funniest person next to you

There’s more to betrayal

Other than just jealousy,selfishness

Formed As the earth seems a better place to the traitor

There’s more to these eyes

Other than just seeing,staring

To what amazes us and sparks love

There’s more to emotions

Other than just anger,sadness

Maybe because we lost that special person 

There’s more to you

Other than just what He,She

Thinks you are everytime you pass by 

What do you see??



#Guest Blogger and Poet : Simiyu.


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