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I have a bother,I am his brother 

He has a girl, She is my friend 

My dad was not much hardworking

As only we won the procreation marathon 

And got to see the sun staring warmly

She smiles at me

I smile back

At the table she winks

Or is it exaggerated blinks

But she is forbidden

Perhaps adding flavour to the temptation
Cecilia, as her name goes

Visits frequently when brother is gone 

Watches me straining muscles in the farm

Drops her pot to watch me torture the earth

When she realises am watching 

She walks seductively 

So that my lusty eyes confirm shaking behind
How much longer?

My walls are falling

Her lips are calling

The desire grows stronger

She bites her lips

Closer..she brings her hips
Then one night, just one night 

She came asking for excess salt

That night the handshake was longer

Something sweet was in the air

And behind her i saw a great future
Then she stopped

The salt dropped

Over she bent

Up my lust went

The motion is slowed

My loyalty overshadowed
Like Jason Derulo screams 

She wanted to want me

And she did her all to be next to me

Whatever happened, as always said

Is untold of and its better stated as history

But of the next morning

As brother came knocking

A rush of guilt

Equipped with regret

Coloured with shame


     *Kim the Poet*


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