Posted in Love..For him and her


Eyes blinded,I see darkness…Irony

Lips grounded,I fear sadness…lay on me

Hug me tight and never let go

Skin so soft mind if I sneak my tongue 

And taste your beauty?

Legs held up I cant play you in this

Hands ready for hand off to em bi*ches

Vocals let me down all I can do dedications

Ed sheeran’s shape of you suits best your

Imperfections,Grant me the smile

Said you from the hills,My land has gold

For our ties in the suit I should be bold

Papa can’t let go mama even won’t at all

And in your description I dint hear a tall

Dark and in hand something


I know you aint ready for yes I do

Have my word no mess aaii! Duh!

Soulmates I think Jordan should hear that

You deserve a bouquet before n after

Valentines, everyday a rose

In search for beauty queen 

I lower my anchor

Lets try out mannequin

You settle me





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