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After the strings had sounded it’s highest pitch, Kaka could not wait for a second coming. He withdrew his instrument which had by then loosened its strings and showed signs of _not ready to play the tune of pleasure again_. He quickly raised himself while pulling his trousers and fastening his belt as quick as he could. It was as if he had saw trouble twerk at the face of the earth. He was happy. He was sad. He felt proud of himself. He felt ashamed of himself. He was confused like _Swalla_ in a list of  gospel songs. Moods wings, I don’t know. But of all, there was this that persisted without seeking his advice :Guilt. 
Diana remained prostrate on the savanna earth. She saw the moon rise from below the mountains. She felt ashamed that the moon, with its one eye, observed the undoing of her dignity. She began thinking but there was something itchy about her theatre of untold pleasure. The instrument had played the tune so loud. Then, she felt something wierd about herself. She felt hollow like something heavy but precious had been removed from her body. So she was happy to be light but sad to lose the precious thing. She was also experiencing mixed emotions and feelings. She decided not to rise but decided to watch the moon glow with brightness for it had seen what was an abomination in the savanna land. To add insult to the obvious wound, it had watched it happen with its naked eye, no clouds to impose a PG rating. 
Tears are destiny chemicals that when shed wash away dust of misfortune and disappointment that we can view our destiny more brighter. She shed tears uncontrollably as if she wanted to view her destiny in three dimensions. With a torn dress and a soiled dignity, the tears reminded her of how she was no longer a good girl. Kaka noticed that his partner in the music of pleasure was having problems coping with reality. He ignored the strident voices and sounds condemning him and listened to the soft voiced thought of helping her. He went down and laid Diana’s head on his chest. They did not talk. For ten minutes, they did not talk. Diana raised her head and looked deep into the eyes of Kaka. She could still feel that spark of desire ignite her into flames. 
Kaka hugged her tight. He knew he was to blame. It was a crime described as penetration by the enlightened. The law abiding citizens call it sexual immorality. He felt pity for the girl and more and more guilty about himself. Meanwhile, Diana could feel the abyss slowly fill with a desire. She got better and better the more she listened to the rhythm of Kaka’s heart beating soundly. She was at peace once again. That was what she wanted. That was what she needed. 
Kaka watched the girl lie peacefully on his chest. Since every man is a member of the ever salivating boys of the vibrant _Mafisi Sacco_, wierd thoughts started bombarding his eroded brain. He could feel his strings tightening once more. ‘Do it again, what is it that you fear? She loves you look at how secure she is with you. You fear sin? What sin? Man, you’ve done it. You are now a bad boy , feast on it while it lasts!’. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy. He vowed. 
‘Diana… ‘
His voice stroked all her pleasure zones. She looked up and a smile escaped amid tears rolling. This was the assurance that he needed. It evaporated his saturated sorrows and melted away his guilt. Diana felt the same and thought of opening up only that a trace of guilt existed in her blood. 
It is artistic how light chases away darkness unapologetically while darkness slowly covers light while swallowing it with pleasure in a silent tone. Darkness had ruled the sky and they realized it was time to say goodbye. It was time to walk alone regardless a Liverpool fan or not. Kaka stole a glance on Diana. She never appeared innocent to him. He knew that he could not stand a one minute face-to-face, eye-to-eye dialogue. What was wrong? 
Diana stood, tried to mend her torn dress by tying knots to cover her soiled dignity. Her efforts showed no signs of being near to achieving any success. She stopped. Kaka stood, extended a hand for a handshake as a signature for all that happened that evening. Diana looked at his hand. Raised hers and amid officiating the informal events, she dropped her hand. She declined. She raised her eyes to the moon, lowered them to the savanna earth, then stood firm. She jumped onto Kaka and hugged him. She was crying. The thought of tears on the girl’s face saddened him. He took her arms and made her look at him with that lusty look. As they were an inch closer to a _proper sendoff_, something happened. They heard a cough right behind the Acacia tree….


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