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Care For A Ride…

“Winter is coming”

Well, it’s already come

Why don’t we get into some writing

Or maybe you should come In more ways than one, get what I mean?

Some nights shouldn’t be spend alone

Lest you wake up and find you’ve turned into stone.

Time sure has passed,

Seasons have gone,

Built up feelings are high,

So here we go,

All put aside as we couple up,

Your pen at hand,

My canvas all smoothed up,

Let your pen color my canvas,

Draw it all on me.

Tonight we let all guards down.

Because in us there’s no height too high No depth too deep

Roses on the bed,

music playing…

Let’s get to some freaking

Let the temperatures rise and the rains pour

Tonight imma get you flooding for sure

You and I at sea we are,

You the captain

I’m your vessel,

Up and down the tides we go,

Set my sail and there will I go,

Watch me rise and turn as you steer,

Down below to the ocean bed too I can reach.

I’ve read Kamasutra but let’s make our own shit

Let’s make a song with our bodies

And let the union be our melody

The up and downs: damn! let me look into your eyes as I go deep

Let my hands draw a picture on your body That only me and you understand

The night might be cold but we are on fire Our bodies yearning and our eyes burning with desire

Hold me down!

Pin me against the wall!

Lemme be glued on you.

For in my arms I need you not,

On my skin I want you not But in me…

There shall you strike your staff,

On you…

There shall my nails draw their path!

Make me sing…

Sing to the melodies of your heart,

Watch me dance…

Dancing to the rhythm of your beat,

So yes…

Let’s make the music,

Lemme feel you drum me to the core,

For then shall I resonate,to sync with the symphony of your love!

I will make your body glow With every push and pull,

every single turn let your voice grow I will go up the hills Down the valleys and course through the curves


I’ll be your Alexander The Great Let my tongue make you sing

Let my fingers do the walking


I’m going to make you my slave I’ll be gentle

Slowly sliding in where your waters have made wet

The thrill of this ride will take you to another level Give you pleasures you never thought you’d get

Then I’ll slowly increase the pace

Taking you from grace to grace Love, tonight is your night

Let’s make this our kind of fight I love it when you close,

I love it in dim light more…

Seeing your body glistening amidst the sweat.

Hold me softly in your arms,

Lay me at our alter,

For the ultimate sacrifice,

We both shall pay…

For in joy and glee,

Down the slippery path we shall tread.

With raised hopes I shall lay, In faith before me you bow,

A word or two to bless the ancestors,

As smoothly but firmly you devour!

Tonight’s gonna be one hellova night

Your body my ball and my bed the pitch

I want to tease you till you clench tight

Please you till your body feels right I’ll hold on till your end is in sight

Then let go when your gates can hold no more

Let the sheets tell it all The creases showing the story of our nightly show

Then we’ll play naughty till the dawn is in sight

Then we’ll close our eyes To dream of the next time we rise

Let’s ride this carousel,

You and I as one!

Let’s make this our Merry go round,

Ride after ride just you and I,

And when we reach the peak of our ride,

With our arms outstretched and our skin as one,

Let’s dive into oblivion…

Into the passion that joins us,

As we surrender to our throng’s of passion,

Till we reach our downtown, And exhale in unison,

For the journey we have shared,

Would be worth our every sweat!

All credits…thank you Kelvin Mutune

© Eisenherz Poet



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