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Show me your face,

So that I may know you!

Take me by the hand,

For walking alone I can not.

Take me into your blossom,

For your embrace is what I yearn for.

Whisper to me in your tongue,

For your voice is all I need.

Down the valley of death I may have walked,

In the desert of uppity too I have been!

Up and down in life’s tides too I have been,

Sinking and at times staying afloat!

And with the kicks of a dying horse,

I still hang onto the straws at the banks!

Scorched by the sun from all of my digression,

Burnt by all those I trusted on.


Despite it all today I come,

Bowing at your feet I am,

My heart to you I lay bare,

Take control my God!

Away from your path I have wandered,

The oaths of Old I have forgotten,

The meaning of obedience I have forgotten,

For in sacrifices I built my life!

A wandering tormented soul I come to you,

Lost and confused I am,

And today I trace my way back, Giving up my all so that you may fill me up!

Just like the dry bones down at the valley,

Lord give me a new life,

Just as it was in the Beginning, Lord breath life into me.

Draw me your path and I shall follow,

Bestow upon me thy wisdom,

For I know in your joy I’m strengthened

As I let your words guide my feet!

Lift me up high on your shoulders,

And at your feet daily will I be found,

Set me up above like the city on the hill,

And all shall see your light shining in me!

With my voice I shall praise you,

With these words I shall spread the word,

For in all Heavens or Earth,seas or land…

There is none like you!



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