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3 Wishes…

If wishes were granted
By a long forgotten fairy
All will just be on you
For you are the greatest of all…
More than I could wish for.

To hear you laugh…
I’m your deep baritone voice
Seeing how your eyes light up
How the smile lingers on
That would be my first wish.

Dreaming along the shores
Gazing upon the stars
At the breeze of the passing winds
Just to have you by me daily
That would be my second wish.

Finding my muse in you
Telling of our tales
Recalling our moments
As we make New memories
That’s my third wish.

But a fairy I need not
For daily I have you
Your smile gives me a smile
Your laugh is all that I need
With you is all I do…
I have you.


Lots of love to you two❤❤❤


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