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Like the forgotten hymns,
I now hum your name,
With no apparent tune,
Fumbling to remember our rhythm
But still…
The words escape my lips.

Once a lover of my soul,
My no-code lover
More of a corded lover
But here we are…
Mobile…drifting further,
Connected but still in disconnect.

Sound the alarm again
Remind my heart of your sound
Tell it of the chirpy morn sounds,
If the shinny see in the first light,
Let my soul wake up to you
For now I’m roused when the moon sets up high.

Let’s get back to the basics…
Loving when all we have is trouble,
Laughing when we are the joke,
Living to the fullest for we had us,
When dad’s sighting you was scarier…
Than me posting a pic with no filters.

Give me a sign…
Today,hold me closer than yesterday,
Tell me not of your love or passion,
But restore me…
Restore all we shared,
Restore us in the splendour of our home.

Take me home…
Forget not the country road
Just like the risen waves
That fall with the tides
Let’s get to our shore…
For there shall we find rest…
Never to fade to oblivion!



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