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Chill Out…

I don’t listen to my own imaginary friend,
So why would I listen to yours??
Keep your thoughts to self,
For my being is done listening
A time to act is now…
If you need a role to be given
A seat at the back for you…
Has been reserved!


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The ghostwriter….



You said you needed to see the truth in my eye

See if i got in me any lie

To get answers to any question i would not answer,

So Today i hand you the pages,

This is something i havent done for ages

Being good,

I know you know not of what they say about me,silence was my food

I love to get intimate with you

Am already on your ass like an ewe

Lips shaking

Heart aching

Love scorching my soul

Sun warming me its time to get home

But what you do you

Your lips pressed together

Thoughts kept to oneself

Love kept in the shelf

Candles blown out

Darkness cropped in

Hearts dry and weary

Yeah just a page from my heart

Written in red

What about black now

Will you read it in the dark

Wont you click at my thoughts



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Always on your case… Your pieces are worth…

On a writer note

Everyone I know is gone,
Even the ghosts don’t howl anymore.
The graffiti falls off the walls
And the wind pushes the litter along the pavement
Like even it,
Has lost the will to live.
The dust rises barely above my ankles .
I remember when it would rise to my eyes and make me run along like someone chasing a lover
The town on who’s sleeves I put my heart is nothing more than a dusty antique in a forgotten basement.
There are no angry people
No happy people
Just bodies dragging themselves away from poverty.
I sit on a dilapidated staircase,
And swallow the pill of nostalgia,
As I watch myself,
Turn into just anoth

er body.
Do six feet even make a difference?


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So let’s talk…
About this chase
Where you show up one day
Pretend you gotta run
Wait for my pathetic plea
Asking you to stay a while
Bribing you with sweet words
Writing you some poetry
Opening my heart to you
Even though without reception
Then with a smirk on your face
A loose hanging lip
You wink at me…
The slow intentional one
Then in your husky voice,
You whisper loudly…
“I shall be back!”
And with a throbbing heart,
Flame-filled and wet downtown
Muscular spasms down thighland
A breaking voice…
I whisper back…
Right to your fading shadow
As the door bangs against its sills….
“One day,I will want you no more…guess that day ain’t today!”


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Life In My Writing.

My body is numb and weary
For I know not writing on paper
Papers may be strewn by the wind
But my body dies and lives with my writing

I know the prick is painful when I write
So the ink joins me in my fight
I ink my body to my sorrow
So I may get to see another tomorrow

The scent of a companion remains unknown
For I feel dejected, rejected and beaten
You now come by as a confidant
To stand with me as I fight to my healing
But my pen is still bleeding and pleading
In my writing I die, in my writing I am born

© Hunt
https: //

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A ¼ Century…

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Today is the 6th

A brighter day

To see my new year!!

Cheers to me… To more!!

Down memory lane… Thank you bro and siz… Lots of love to you.

Blood sure gets thicker and remains so…


Friendship and sisterhood that knows no bounds…

Of images taken unsuspecting… I celebrate you this day and all days self picked buddy…Let the moments we make and share remain strong with each passing season. There’s love❤😘

Our big man… Lots of love to you bro… All the years shared, all the years to be shared!

Baby siz😍😍more love and cheer to you… All from me

My Pharmacist sister in Christ…. Much will be said and more still will be left unsaid…

More love and friendship to your Dr. Sunguti….

Three years of friendship and love and more of that all… Much I feel but shall always remain between us. Lots of love Liam… Cheers to more.

😂😂😂😂 I’m still waiting for that meal lil one… Monkey doll 😂😂😂

I’m still waiting for your poetry… I have mentored you enough 😍😍

To my sister-in-law, may we always be this and more…. Even when other ties fail. Will always love you and keep you close

My Nigerian crush…. Let our words flow in our inks, touching a life at a time!!

And Abu, I’m still trying to grasp pidgin… A beg na, make haste and teach me, shaaa

My Zimbabwean sister, a rebel in her own right!! Guess this is our 3rd year together… Cheers to more love

Let your ink be the light I need… Your works inspire me and I know, I’mma be like you in my poetry.

Kababaye😍😍😍 iko love…. More words, more rhymes and more life.

Guava head😍😍😍 I still love you and appreciate you in my life!! In 3 days…. You too shall age, I shall be there to water you…

Sharon love… Meeting you was the best thing for us, and all that you give and share… We see it… I see it.

I love you in-law, cheers to friendship.

More life to you… To me too

My Malawian Chiquita… The self proclaimed dummy.. With your condition, running mouth 😂😂😂 I still value and cherish you. Lots of love Lee.

And then we have her… Goes by many names, thanks to the many hats she wears and hearts she touches. My Luo Swahili Engineer lady, Bellah… Your smile radiate further than your eyes can see!! Just reminding you… Meru is still Kenya!!

And here… Him… My favorite of all offsprings!! My grandson, Rashid Hunt…

He calls himself thug + Savage life= thugage life!! May not get it, due to old age… But one thing is clear, I do get you Sonnie, with greater love and affection!! Love you so much, especially the cracks and smooth edges.

To friends who become family…ties binding us greater than all that which we could fathom!

It takes more than just the rising sun to show a new day dawn…

My heart goes to you all… Friends, family, friends, family…

A better mention is given to you for all that we share, all that we have experienced.

My love goes to you all…

I love you all.

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Like an injured wolf’s howl,
I’ll fade away…
Disappearing to my gracious grave
As I stagger into the shadows
Raising my palm,
Albeit higher above my head
With of my last of strength
In my shaking body
I shall look back one last time…
For a glimpse of my sad setting sun.

Upon this tight rope,
High up above the pit of pain,
Daily for you I walked…
Watching not to trip along it,
Despite the bets and dares for my fall!
At the end of my tether I am,
My knot tightening with every step,
A noose thus I hang on…
All that just for you.

Fighting no more to stay awake,
From my ever eluding sleep.
Despite sleeping with ’em lights on,
The nightmares still linger around,
The voices still get louder
And your face…
Your face still faces away from me!
Thus I sleep no more,
But I watch as I slip away!

You were my greatest tide,
Watching from the shore…
Seeing you arrive in full splendor
And as the tides turn back,
I no longer if it will return,
And with a greater hope for now,
I silently pray for its return…
To carry me with it….
To always be found at your feet.

Thus on my way I am…
Sit not and whimper at my resting place,
But let the love I gave you…
Sting back at you with its full fury.
Pretend not to be hopeless when the moonrises,
For with grear madness shall you be struck,
For all the thorns I endured…
Just to get you that wilted precious rose.

Born with the strength to rise I was,
But with the weakness to fall I learnt by you
In my starry night you were my moon,
But sooner I realized the moon too gets dark
And in my revered sense of self…
Emptiness hit me with its heaviness!
With my fragile and flawed self…
I let my sun set with my end.

Wishing upon the stars no more,
But yearning for the full moon more,
Despite the cloudy grey sky above,
I still see my kind of light…
The light that guides my path to nothingness…
Thus with this bit of last strength….
I howl and drop!


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Like A Forceful Wind.

I begged of their departure not,
But prayed for more…
For their necks to be tangled,
Mangled and wrapped in a knot.

Praying for thunder and lightning,
For a raging storm to sweep away,
Carrying the pain and hurt of the years,
Brought by those who are closer by blood.

Milk and honey drip off my lips,
For all the unkindness you show,
For all the disgust I see…
Plastered and painted on you.

Judge me not…
For choosing my life,
For making my perfect flaws,
For carrying it all with stride.

Having all that I have,
I rejoice in it all.
Having lost all that I have,
I still find it all joy.

Cast me aside,
Throw me to the wolves,
Drag me to the deepest end…
And watch me survive it all.

With the pain cast by all,
I shall still rise…
Singing louder than a caged bird,
Turning it all to my kind of gold.

My scars are made worthy,
By the smile in their faces,
In how they hold me tight,
In how they call me Mama

Thus like a forceful wind…
My life comes to form,
And just like flowers in spring,
My young ones shall bloom!


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Our Daily Poetry Charity…

It takes more than just blood to form familial ties that bind…

It takes more than just words to express the deep set feelings that express all that we feel within us…

All we need in life is more love, laughs and that makes life more worth!!

It matters not who you are, what you think your circumstance makes you… We all are one…

So make moments now with all those that count…

Smile wider and let your light shine brightest…

Take pictures and freeze that opportune feeling in time…

Help all, even when you know they can’t help you at that moment…


Dance it all out through all seasons, make your own music if need be… And show your steps and moves to all

Service to others is the real humanity we need, so go out and serve…

Be afraid not of the challenges, for they make us strong…

Be all that you can be, for you are the best version of yourself that ever existed!!

When it seems you are failing, do not quit…. But with like minded individuals, take time off, regroup, brainstorm and come out stronger…

Teaching is the noblest form of profession… Teach and guide them, and watch them learn and come out approved by all

Above it all, give thanks to Him who is the author and finisher of it all. For its Him who gives us strength to do all that which we do… It’s by His grace, favour and love, that we see it all as joy and we delight in him.

Looking back at it all, it’s all joy, love and favour.

May the good Lord continue guiding your way little ones!!

Our Daily Poetry…

Giving hope!

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A Founded Yearn…

The one whose light homes my demons
The one who doesn’t strangle my demons
The one whose demons dance with mine
The perfect melody…
With a heartfelt lyrics
A perfect harmony.

We fight daily,
Breaking up at night
Making up when the sun rises
Waking up to brighter days
That’s you and I…
Peas in a pod
Just a shade different.

Facing us we can’t…
Watching us we daily do,
Words left unsaid
Tension growing high
But still…
Our clear path we create
Finding us.

Hold me down,
Just as before
In wholesome truth
Hiding nothing between
Telling it as it is
For how you see it…
Do what you do best…
Stop at nothing.

Let’s not drift,
Further from all that we have,
To the looming uncertainty,
To the cold stares
To the loud silence
That plagues our presence
For we know all we need.
We got all we yearn.