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Renewed Vows…

Hey Love…
It’s the third day of February,and I bet also it’s the third month of us being us. Too many times I’ve written to you,most times the letters never reach you and the few times they do,all you get to see are the memes that talk of everything but us.
Sometimes I think of you..I think of me…I think of us. Most times I actually don’t for what’s the point of thinking yet I’ll end up at ground zero.

Today I write to you as I face the beautiful setting evening star. In all it’s majestic splendor I get to see that there’s beauty and Joy in all that we have and experience,including the setting sun.

I write of the love we’ve shared and experienced. Of the shared laughs and the exchanged arguments,of the uneasy silence and the half-baked egos. I write of all the tiny and huge emotions shared within us.

Today I write to renew my vows to you. My vow to always stay by you no matter what weathers us down,to always make you smile and laugh when you feeling low and sad,to drive you insane when you get used to my crazy,to make you cry out of Joy or pain depending on what we have. Hun, I know I do say a lot though you say a lot more, thus I shall just let it end here.

To us I hope and wish for brighter days, sunnier days,cooler nights and intense passion. To say I love you would sound a cliche for I have said that too much,but heck…I’mma say it again coz I know my hard head sure makes your head hard and thus you’ll need some head.
I love you more each day and I’m keeping you this month.

Yours in love,
Your crazy girl.

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Flawed Humans

Being human makes us weak,
Call it a flaw maybe,
Or just our way of being,
But it still remains as it is…
We are weakened by being human.

Love ain’t weak…
Nor is it made for the strong,
Neither is it reserved for the broken,
Love is for us all…
Even when it changes us.

You are my strength…
You are my weakness,
When I hold you near,
When I feel you closer,
When you own my soul.

Scary scars I carry…
Bleeding wounds I have,
A drilled worm hole within,
Filled with empty promises,
Made of memories afterburns.

Pain lives on through my soul,
My soul withers to shreds of dust,
My heart breaks to pieces that can’t live on,
And time forgets it’s healing at the sight of my wounds.

This bloody heart remembers,
My weak body fears to take another step,
As it’s swollen with blurred visions,
Littered with dreams of yesterday!

My tomorrow reeks of yesterday,
Flowered and scarred in regrets I carry,
Charred lips coloured in shades of lies…
Too broken to speak of yesterday!

This day I wallow in the pit of my mind,
In words lost in the demons of my past,
Scared shit of the stench of who I was…
Afraid of the being I will finally morph into.

At your feet I now lay,
Bruised but brave,
Damaged but fixable,
Lost but willing to be found.

Lay your hand on my heart,
Let your eyes gaze at my soul,
Let not your vision be blurred on me,
See me for who I am.

Love makes us weak and strong,
Both of them in equal measure,
Enough of me wandering like a zombie…
Feed me with your blood-renew me.

I’m a flawed human,
I’m among the lost souls in limbo,
I need to cross to the light somewhere ahead…
Guide me forth-be my bridge to the light.


@ Abu White

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For Rae Lyric…#SheOfTheSun

Words by her still longer…her image and voice will always linger and stay immortalised for time to come

The date that was…but she wouldn’t make it for the occasion..

Tributes shared…

Feelings laid bare…

A’ll that are clear,are our feelings through words for you…

End of an era it may be,but a new one sure has started and that will live for ever…

Let your ever radiant spark illuminate your path…

Thus at your absence we hold on to your presence that graced us …

The passion that was in for all of us…

The warmth and vigour experienced within your words and art…

We carry your light with us for all to see and back in…

A different path you take,

One away from us…

The steps you walked

The lives you touched

The smiles you shared

All that and more

Forever with us they’ll love

This may seem as an end

But still fill like a beginning

This sure ain’t goodbye …

This is a see you soon.

Shine on Rae…Shine on!!

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Season Two of The Diverse Poets’

Getting better and stronger together…through the power that our words give us,that is all that we do.

Of passion shared through what our minds have concieved,through what our voices have spoken, through what our souls have sung, through what our hearts and eyes have seen…



Everyday all day its all about art and being artists. We are artists in our own mettle,not just because its what we do…but because we are too large to live in this life only as one character. The world is our stage and we are playing out our parts.

art artistic blank page book
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To the friendships forged,the new breath of life we have received,the new lessons learnt,the challenges faced..we all shall keep up bettering ourselves and reaching to all who can hear our sounds and voices.


We are Diverse Poets and that is our identity. Much love and all in all…let art keep uniting us all.


analog binder blank book
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Much can be said through our words,but with pictures,more than just a 1000 words can be said.

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Our Daily Poetry Charity…

It takes more than just blood to form familial ties that bind…

It takes more than just words to express the deep set feelings that express all that we feel within us…

All we need in life is more love, laughs and that makes life more worth!!

It matters not who you are, what you think your circumstance makes you… We all are one…

So make moments now with all those that count…

Smile wider and let your light shine brightest…

Take pictures and freeze that opportune feeling in time…

Help all, even when you know they can’t help you at that moment…


Dance it all out through all seasons, make your own music if need be… And show your steps and moves to all

Service to others is the real humanity we need, so go out and serve…

Be afraid not of the challenges, for they make us strong…

Be all that you can be, for you are the best version of yourself that ever existed!!

When it seems you are failing, do not quit…. But with like minded individuals, take time off, regroup, brainstorm and come out stronger…

Teaching is the noblest form of profession… Teach and guide them, and watch them learn and come out approved by all

Above it all, give thanks to Him who is the author and finisher of it all. For its Him who gives us strength to do all that which we do… It’s by His grace, favour and love, that we see it all as joy and we delight in him.

Looking back at it all, it’s all joy, love and favour.

May the good Lord continue guiding your way little ones!!

Our Daily Poetry…

Giving hope!

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First Open Mic…

Having friends is among the greates gifts of life…having friends who share with you in your passion now that surpasses all greater joys that we can ever think of.


o more events together,more love shared ,more joy harboured all that and more.

I celebrate you all and rejoice in you all…may the poetry and passion within make all the ground we step on our everyday stage!!

Art flow…

There’s power in words indeed…let’s keep the fire burning.Our individuality is what makes us unique. hide it not,but let it show!!

Diverse Poets…

Let our passion be our driving force!!

#Photography credits all go to DylanPhotography…may the fruits I your Labour be tested far and wide.We appreciate your support through everything!!

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Set her up above the rest,
See her smile widen as she goes up,
Let her smile give joy to the rest,
Her twinkling eyes lighting up our paths,
Her laugh ringing in our hearts,
Her words touching our soul,
She is the woman,
Your woman.

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She understands not

The rush of it all

Of the various colours you wear

From whom are you hiding?

What really are you hiding?

Is there really a reason,

Of the various shades you have,

Changing more drastically than the seasons?

All this and more she wonders,

Too shocked to ask,

But still curious to find out!
Why hide the scars beneath

Yet they tell of a conquered past?

Why hide the dark spotty spots,

Yet in them she sees a passed teenage?

The dark black or brown markings

Along your eyes I see their marks

Is it to prevent the flowing tears?

Or are you covering the seen past

To clear way for a brighter day?

Your bloody lips she fears,

As its colour can never erase

All the words uttered in the past,

Nor can they sweeten,

To calm the unseen wraths!
Convert her not

To your undefined clique

That takes the beauty of colour

Too far and too much

To destroy the already beautiful form

That was once the real you

Maybe to the ways of the world

She is too young to understand

What really the essence of colour entails,

But for now please spare her,

Let her watch you in bewilderment,

And maybe…

Just maybe,

She too will know that essence!