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Like an injured wolf’s howl,
I’ll fade away…
Disappearing to my gracious grave
As I stagger into the shadows
Raising my palm,
Albeit higher above my head
With of my last of strength
In my shaking body
I shall look back one last time…
For a glimpse of my sad setting sun.

Upon this tight rope,
High up above the pit of pain,
Daily for you I walked…
Watching not to trip along it,
Despite the bets and dares for my fall!
At the end of my tether I am,
My knot tightening with every step,
A noose thus I hang on…
All that just for you.

Fighting no more to stay awake,
From my ever eluding sleep.
Despite sleeping with ’em lights on,
The nightmares still linger around,
The voices still get louder
And your face…
Your face still faces away from me!
Thus I sleep no more,
But I watch as I slip away!

You were my greatest tide,
Watching from the shore…
Seeing you arrive in full splendor
And as the tides turn back,
I no longer if it will return,
And with a greater hope for now,
I silently pray for its return…
To carry me with it….
To always be found at your feet.

Thus on my way I am…
Sit not and whimper at my resting place,
But let the love I gave you…
Sting back at you with its full fury.
Pretend not to be hopeless when the moonrises,
For with grear madness shall you be struck,
For all the thorns I endured…
Just to get you that wilted precious rose.

Born with the strength to rise I was,
But with the weakness to fall I learnt by you
In my starry night you were my moon,
But sooner I realized the moon too gets dark
And in my revered sense of self…
Emptiness hit me with its heaviness!
With my fragile and flawed self…
I let my sun set with my end.

Wishing upon the stars no more,
But yearning for the full moon more,
Despite the cloudy grey sky above,
I still see my kind of light…
The light that guides my path to nothingness…
Thus with this bit of last strength….
I howl and drop!


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Walk with me,

For alone I can’t.
Talk to me,

For the walls will never.
Dance with me,

For the rains shall dance on me.
Hold my hand,

As the cold shall freeze them at once.
Take me in your embrace,

For I wanna be in your presence.
Laugh with me,

Though the rest laugh at me.
But before then…
Can I call you?

‘Coz I know you may forget.
Should I pass by later on?

I’m free this afternoon.
I will have vanilla ice cream,

What’s your flavour?
We can even have a stroll,

Down by the grove where you love.
Carry your slip ons,

For in the river our feet shall tread.
I got my leso,

For us to lay on it as the sun sets.
Reality check…
My insanity is heightened,

At his feet I cower,

In his presence I stutter,

Time stands still,

I’m lost in him,

And yet…

All these he knows not,

For in my mind we are one,

In reality he is my one,


In his reality,

He has his one.

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My heart is in real turmoil ,

As I recall when I lay in the soil!
In the night lit by the moon,

One after the other on me-damn she goons!
With their red painted lips,

I felt them on me gyrate their hips.
Down to the ground I was pinned,

As my poor manhood was made to grind!
Too proud to tell it to the authorities

But not ashamed to tell it on paper!

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With tears in my eyes,

A fresh wound in my chest,

The hard lump in my throat,

Pains in me I tell you this,

Love,I decide to stay in my lane!
All this while I have lingered,

Hoping that your eye may see,

Or your heart may soften,

Or your ear hear my heart,

But hun,in my lane I stay.
My dreams each night you feature,

In my thoughts you daily dwell,

In my heart I have kept you,

But a cold shoulder you give,

So in my lane I stay.
I know you love another,

To her you are loyal to,

But still you show me bits of love,

Raising my hopes only to flush it down,

So I stay in my lane.
Your laugh that turns me on,

Your words that comfort me,

Your wildness that I cherished,

The you in you that I fell in love with,

The you that will never be mine,

So long my fantasy,I boldly draw my line.