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If I die tomorrow

Of shared sentiments and ideals..thoughts of a troubled calm mind….

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I’ve always seen into my future
As a result of your world’s torture
Most of my predictions seldom fail
Despite being behind this mind’s jail
I can feel something huge coming
It’s blurry and it’s fading
I’m not giving up on living
It’s just this twilight that’s unending
Look at my life, all these cruel marks
Darkness has reached its climax
As I keep trying
Everyone’s ever leaving

Now look at my piece’s tone
It’s 5 a.m. And I’m here all alone
Lying on this wet pillow
Even the dark is in awe
And my glow is doubting
Still waiting
To be held by arms that never intended to hold me
And touched by lips that never planned to kiss me
This isn’t a deceiving cry
My world is crashing down and so am I
If this is my fate
Then let me face it
For the precipitation that ran…

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