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I appreciate each and every sacrifice
That you make for us
I will never let go…
Even when I’m losing myself
You get me all high
When all niggahz look down on me
You are the only person that knows me well
Staying true to me
I have never caught you on a lie
Or have you fill me with doubts
What am I to do without you?
I don’t want to be alone..
Am going nowhere without you
I just need you for long..
Stay by me.

You let me go and grind
Coming back late at night
And it’s alright to you
You stay up awake waiting for me
Receiving me into your bossom
Your arms covering all of me
Making you my best home.

Every time you read this
I hope you remember
You are my love
My friend
And my babe…
The woman in my life..
For that’s who you are.

Your love for me…
Is like you to schooled for it
You got me up all night
Thinking of who you really are
Coz of the way you love me
I would rather let you hurt me
we will be like batman and Robin
It doesn’t matter whether we are shopping or robbing
you have all the love a man would be hopping for

So am down on my knees
Ready to put a ring on your finger
Asking you with all my heart
Clothed with my love for you
Will you stay with me forever?
Will you?

©Pepe G

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Till Such A Time.

At this place always I sit,
For you I have preserved a seat,
Just hoping and waiting anxiously,
For you to walk in and we just sit calmly,
But thats just a tall order for me,
As Im all alone,save for my shadow.
And you are more in me than beside me,
But still glad to have you in me always

I write to you because I do need you,
You were and always have been all I wanted,
Even though we are taking different paths,
My heart shall hop and jog in your prints,
My mind still goes to the laughters we had,
The moments when it was just you and I,
All these memories flood my heart,
And my heart cries out as it still yearns for you.

The promises we made I shall keep,
The words you whispered I shall remember,
The silent glares we had I have stored them,
Despite the new path that life has pushed us to,
Despite this long distance,
Despite even the resistance ,I shall always call you mine,
As my heart knows no one but you.

All the love that burnt in us,
That bright light that always shone in you,
The warm embraces that we shared more often,
How your heart kissed my soul with love…
The calm and peace that was present in your presence,
All that and more that’s still etched in me,
For all of that I say thank you.

With my lonely but hopeful heart I wait,
Maybe all the worries and difficulties wont carry any weight,
For such a time when our paths shall come to meet,
For us to embrace as like we never stopped,
To taste and feel the warmth of your lips again,
Till such a time comes hun…
Just know I love you…
Yes I do.


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Not A Toss…

Happiness is not guaranteed by what you can be able to get just by your abilities…at times it is guaranteed by what you can lose thanks to your abilities.

Finding it and losing it are like two sides of a coin…you flip it and the side you pick is what you have to deal with. Due to that,I choose not to toss the coin…

But I choose to pick my own happiness,To keep it till him and I can’t be identified as separate entities.

I choose you.

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The first time we kissed there was no rainbow neither the feel of butterflies dancing in my stomach. There was no music: nor golden specks of sun rays in the morning as it perched through dew. The beaconing of hope and flicker of desires of what was yet to be, burnt vehemently in our eyes; yet still remained elusive. But the angst,  the blood rush in my veins as our senses heightened, drove us to a distant world. A world broader than ourselves. Where, like waterlily on shores we could float. Lest we forgot to close our eyes. 
There was silence.  Nothing new. But the rhythm of our lips as they munched against one another in soft abrassion. The tasteless taste of saliva as they exchanged greetings in a two way traffic along a busy street; Was accompanied  by the natural scent of animals breathing ghastly; the sweat that formed the creases of their beings. Nothing ever came close to the power of sniffed glue till thy moment. The odour of our smell mattered not anymore.  This world, only but temporary, heeded better promises than begging for change along the streets.
Vehicles hooted. Mates, caught up in brawls over money, drugs,  or somebody took more than he ought to; more than once hurled bitter words against themselves. At night, the chaotic streets tend to be calm and kind, but not to my kind. In darkness We awoke as we keep tabs on the streets. Always out to make livelihood from the lives of the unkinds who carelessly become our prey. Patrol officers always on the watch,  they consider us as lost course. The masses distaste my kind. Enmity exists between my kind and the police. Shots frequently ricochets. Two days ago a stray bullet maimed One of us,  an eight year old boy. They called the press saying it was “robbery with violence, the authority had to act quick”. Shame. We are the infidels.
In chaos such as this, we find peace and happiness in our ownselves; however infinitesimal. Here, lies my crib,  my space.  No furniture but just piles of rags which plays the part of a bed. It’s dark. Needles for administering narcotics nakedly punctuates the floor. Here we lie. Assuming it’s the perfect place to be.  Oblivious to the sounds of cockroaches and rats in a hit and run on empty cans of whisky. There’s silence not anymore.  Her long dark nails embeds my back; scratching my skin, peeling off layers of my epidermis. My fingers braze her unkempt hair.
The first time we kissed we were high on glue; in our precipices it made us strong, made us who we are, to break the chains of hunger and forget of the outside world. We knew no better when to stop nor what   next. Duty was calling; I had to pull myself from her and be on the watch as others slept. This is my home. Dark, saddened with melancholic hues. This is a forgotten world where those who dwell survive. Not everyone thrives.

Phill Ibsen 

(Master Of Descriptions) 


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After the strings had sounded it’s highest pitch, Kaka could not wait for a second coming. He withdrew his instrument which had by then loosened its strings and showed signs of _not ready to play the tune of pleasure again_. He quickly raised himself while pulling his trousers and fastening his belt as quick as he could. It was as if he had saw trouble twerk at the face of the earth. He was happy. He was sad. He felt proud of himself. He felt ashamed of himself. He was confused like _Swalla_ in a list of  gospel songs. Moods wings, I don’t know. But of all, there was this that persisted without seeking his advice :Guilt. 
Diana remained prostrate on the savanna earth. She saw the moon rise from below the mountains. She felt ashamed that the moon, with its one eye, observed the undoing of her dignity. She began thinking but there was something itchy about her theatre of untold pleasure. The instrument had played the tune so loud. Then, she felt something wierd about herself. She felt hollow like something heavy but precious had been removed from her body. So she was happy to be light but sad to lose the precious thing. She was also experiencing mixed emotions and feelings. She decided not to rise but decided to watch the moon glow with brightness for it had seen what was an abomination in the savanna land. To add insult to the obvious wound, it had watched it happen with its naked eye, no clouds to impose a PG rating. 
Tears are destiny chemicals that when shed wash away dust of misfortune and disappointment that we can view our destiny more brighter. She shed tears uncontrollably as if she wanted to view her destiny in three dimensions. With a torn dress and a soiled dignity, the tears reminded her of how she was no longer a good girl. Kaka noticed that his partner in the music of pleasure was having problems coping with reality. He ignored the strident voices and sounds condemning him and listened to the soft voiced thought of helping her. He went down and laid Diana’s head on his chest. They did not talk. For ten minutes, they did not talk. Diana raised her head and looked deep into the eyes of Kaka. She could still feel that spark of desire ignite her into flames. 
Kaka hugged her tight. He knew he was to blame. It was a crime described as penetration by the enlightened. The law abiding citizens call it sexual immorality. He felt pity for the girl and more and more guilty about himself. Meanwhile, Diana could feel the abyss slowly fill with a desire. She got better and better the more she listened to the rhythm of Kaka’s heart beating soundly. She was at peace once again. That was what she wanted. That was what she needed. 
Kaka watched the girl lie peacefully on his chest. Since every man is a member of the ever salivating boys of the vibrant _Mafisi Sacco_, wierd thoughts started bombarding his eroded brain. He could feel his strings tightening once more. ‘Do it again, what is it that you fear? She loves you look at how secure she is with you. You fear sin? What sin? Man, you’ve done it. You are now a bad boy , feast on it while it lasts!’. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy. He vowed. 
‘Diana… ‘
His voice stroked all her pleasure zones. She looked up and a smile escaped amid tears rolling. This was the assurance that he needed. It evaporated his saturated sorrows and melted away his guilt. Diana felt the same and thought of opening up only that a trace of guilt existed in her blood. 
It is artistic how light chases away darkness unapologetically while darkness slowly covers light while swallowing it with pleasure in a silent tone. Darkness had ruled the sky and they realized it was time to say goodbye. It was time to walk alone regardless a Liverpool fan or not. Kaka stole a glance on Diana. She never appeared innocent to him. He knew that he could not stand a one minute face-to-face, eye-to-eye dialogue. What was wrong? 
Diana stood, tried to mend her torn dress by tying knots to cover her soiled dignity. Her efforts showed no signs of being near to achieving any success. She stopped. Kaka stood, extended a hand for a handshake as a signature for all that happened that evening. Diana looked at his hand. Raised hers and amid officiating the informal events, she dropped her hand. She declined. She raised her eyes to the moon, lowered them to the savanna earth, then stood firm. She jumped onto Kaka and hugged him. She was crying. The thought of tears on the girl’s face saddened him. He took her arms and made her look at him with that lusty look. As they were an inch closer to a _proper sendoff_, something happened. They heard a cough right behind the Acacia tree….

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Eyes blinded,I see darkness…Irony

Lips grounded,I fear sadness…lay on me

Hug me tight and never let go

Skin so soft mind if I sneak my tongue 

And taste your beauty?

Legs held up I cant play you in this

Hands ready for hand off to em bi*ches

Vocals let me down all I can do dedications

Ed sheeran’s shape of you suits best your

Imperfections,Grant me the smile

Said you from the hills,My land has gold

For our ties in the suit I should be bold

Papa can’t let go mama even won’t at all

And in your description I dint hear a tall

Dark and in hand something


I know you aint ready for yes I do

Have my word no mess aaii! Duh!

Soulmates I think Jordan should hear that

You deserve a bouquet before n after

Valentines, everyday a rose

In search for beauty queen 

I lower my anchor

Lets try out mannequin

You settle me




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The wailing of nervous crickets cursing the approaching darkness, the mooing of constipated cows trotting back to their sheds, the chorus of courageous frogs rehearsing their night song and the swaying of trees unwillingly saying goodbye to light set the mood. The duo had been kissing for minutes and Kaka found it sweet more than anything he had ever had. 

          ‘Diana, I want to want me’ 

          ‘No, Mama said…’ 

Even before she could utter the whole sentence out her mouth, Kaka disengaged and sat down. Head hanged low. Inside, Diana had many questions that needed urgent answers. She tried to think of favoring the advices given to her by her mother. She tried to think of Mr. Mbaya’s advice on how boys do to innocent girls. She tried to think of the talk she overhead that it was painful and blood would ooze out of her special pore. She tried to think of flying for to walk she could not. She tried, she tried, she tried. She could not. 


She turned her neck and met Kaka’s eyes burning with pure desire. It melted her heart. He called her once again. This time, his hoarse voice sent a hot chill sprinting down her vertebral column. It turned her on. She raised her hand not to mend her dress but to feel her bosom for fire was brewing inside. Kaka saw the action but his nerves must have had a siesta for he interpreted it opposite. He thought the girl had shown him the way. The way to leave. 
Kaka rose, head and body heavy and walked away listening to the inner voice condemning him for not pouncing on the prey when his claws had nailed it. He was forced to accept that he would forever remain that good boy. That mama’s kid who would never let his snake spit on foreign land. Mama’s child who would wait for the future to unveil to him the perfect bride. Mama’s kid that was what he was. 

        ‘Kaka _Aki_ don’t go…’ 

He stopped, to listen if his senses were out on an emotional break. It was her voice. Full of yearning. A yearning that could only be explained in a meeting with people clad in their beautiful birthday suits. He walked back, held her tighter than before, and wiped his tears. 

         ‘You are mine forever’ 

          ‘Forever yours too, My sweet watermelon’ 

Slowly, She directed her hands to his chest. She carefully massaged them and joked on how small they were. Meanwhile, Kaka was kissing her neck going downwards. Diana knew what to do next. She opened the buckle of his belt. It helplessly slid down under the influence of gravity. She could feel  _him_
Since she had a dress, Kaka had no time to undress her. He tore the dress and got access to the valley of untold pleasure. Slowly she started leaning backwards. Before she could understand, Diana was lying on the savanna grasslands calculating the bed arithmetic. That one for subtracting clothes, division of legs and accompanied with multiplication of breathes and pleasure. Keen not to explode his chance, he did it slow. Slowly, he further divided her legs. He passed his hands to inspect the valley. He found out that the valley had been receiving rain and bare. Just the way he wanted. 
He removed his masculine fellow who had been firm announcing his presence since the first kiss. Diana raised her head to picture the instrument that would play in her the tune of pleasure. She was awed at how tight it’s strings were to an extent of ejecting some loose and weak strands. Kaka lowered himself. Diana stretched her hand and held the instrument. She directed it to her Valley of untold pleasure. 
A moan escaped her trembling lips. The first attempt achieved the playing of a ‘prologue’  tune as only the head was involved. It served right to tell the body that shallow waters run deep. He decided to go deep. To explore the undiscovered lands. To play the tune of pleasure in full range. He took a deep breath, and put his all on the shot. The instrument got in and sank in the abyss of pleasure. Diana could not believe it. She closed her eyes in pain. She voiced the tune of pleasure inside with a scream of joy. With a roll of tears escaping, she yelled Kaka’s name. This encouraged him. He pulled the strings harder. He thrust more and more. The thrusting was directly proportional to the screams of joy. Seductively yelling his name in a tone of deep pleasure. 
Then his body became paralyzed. He felt something leave. It left with all his energy. Diana knew what it was. It was coming….. 

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*Savanna Love 2*

Trapped in a feeling that the heaviest of words would simply mean an understatement, they both breathed the same air. Diana’s heart could be heard pumping with a rhythm of _I have found my Mr Right_. They stayed for a few minutes holding onto each other for they knew nothing else to do other than holding tight. Slowly Kaka’s hands started touring Diana’s voluptuous body .At first she could notice nothing for his hands were carefully finding it’s way to her flawless skin. When his fingers first touched her, it was as if he had touched her weak strings. Those that allow anyone to experience the terrible beauty of rebellion. 
Diana started shaking. She was like a crippled Eagle watching it’s prey do a catwalk. She wanted to run home for she knew she was committing sin. Her mother had promised to roast and boil her I’m a pot of steaming porridge if she ever allowed a boy touch her. What was she doing? The forbidden fruit tastes sweet. But it’s even sweeter when you know you are doing the wrong thing with the right person. Diana’s eyes became teary. 
Kaka, on the other hand, could feel nothing associated with the world. He was deeply soaked in touring the lady’s body that he could feel his hands hot. The tour had started in the stomach. His adventurous hands could not have had enough of that. His spirit encouraged him to go a little higher. To get a little more like Jidenna wanted. When he had finished laying his walking organ on the smooth flat terrain of the stomach, he started climbing the two Hills. By then, the girl was dropping tears at the rate of a  Kariobangi’s leaking petroleum pipe. However, she managed a smile., the most beautiful of all. Not even the sight of a dry sky cry rain or even an empty stomach inflated with delicacies could match such beauty. It was beautiful. 
When he reached the peak of the hills, the apex, he could hold it no more. His hands and body got paralyzed. He could listen to white blood cells yelling at an intruding pathogen. He could hear a neuron ordering an impulse with a thousand commands. He could feel the kidney embracing a lost sodium ion. He was out of planet earth. High above the first clouds that welcome a rainy day. I heard people call it cloud nine. Cloud nine. 
Diana was by then having a fueled debate. She could hear advises from deep within. One was advising her to run for her life for what she was about to experience would be the undoing of her dignity. The other, with a hoarse voice, told her to enjoy the moment. She only lives once and a poor man is the one who jumps over opportunities. What will I do? Will mom get to know all this? What If I get a baby? Would it be a boy or a girl? If a boy, will he be handsome like his father? Would kaka still love me the same??. Were the questions that hammered her eardrums. 
For lack of a whisperer quarreling ceases, Kaka had to withdraw his hands for the heat Change was threatening to denature his cords of integrity. He detached his hands and held her close. Diana rested on his chest as if he was his last and first. They held for a few minutes without talking. Their heartbeats synchronized to one pattern, the world belonged to them. 
Kaka opened his eyes. He was shocked to see that the girl had let out a bucket of tears. His heart became heavy. He felt horrible and terrible to posses feelings. He admired cows that lived to provide whatever they have and had no relationships. He pitied her. He knew he was to blame. The girl looked innocent a good girl. No sooner than he could murmur a word had his eyes became teary. A bulging drop of tear enthusiastically rolled down his cheeks and rested on his lips. Diana could feel it on her forehead. 

       ‘Why are you crying?’ 

        ‘ Nothing. It’s just that….’ 

Diana could not let him finish the statement. She lifted herself on her toes and held on the neck of Kaka. Kaka closed eyes. Once again, her lips trembled. Diana whispered to his ears. Whatever she whispered to his ears was like jet fuel on a motorcycle. It rejuvenated his energy. Tears of regret were erased with thick tears of joy. They both opened their eyes. Looked at each other seductively. Diana winked. Slowly they started kissing…. 

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The sun spread it’s rays lazily that evening. A cool breeze was loitering from North to South on the air. The noisy birds were having their conversation in their chirping sounds. A bee could be seen moving from one flower to another in search of that sweet thing. Butterflies beautifully flapped their fragile wings in ecstacy as they searched for mates to negotiate on its share in filling the earth. It was a beautiful evening to dive deep into thoughts. Diana walked out of her mother’s house and walked towards the Savanna grazing fields. 
Kaka was a boy with a personality to make frogs croak his name all night and a cockatoo to shout his surname. He was the best version of how a disciplined child should be. He never took long when sent to the market. He never let cows graze on a neighbour’s plantation. He never talked to girls and if he did, it was to point out an offense to the community. He was beautifully handsome. Big masculine figure. Tall with a sweetly dark complexion. He was what many girl had as the ‘man of their dreams’. 
That evening, he decided to go out in the Savanna fields, to have a recollection. A recollection about issues of special attention. Those that require both parts of the brain to be engaged in a heated debate. The Savanna fields was his favourite spot. There he could ponder as he watched the amazing sight of grass uprooted from life and converted into chemical form in the cows stomach. It gave him some sort of satisfaction. Some feeling of lack of words to describe it. It would have been an excitement only that nothing seemed to rise. He could only describe it as a unique love for his animals. He arrived and sat down ready to board a canoe to the sea of imagination. 
Diana had a yearning. She wanted to be loved and have someone to love. Not agape or the other types of love. The type of love that allows one to act crazy only to be justified by the phrase ‘lost my mind in love’. She could feel her ovaries misbehaving. She was hollow inside as an ugly mining pit waiting for reclamation, a transformation to a tourist attraction site. She was waiting for love. 
As the grass withered and shook greenly, Kaka saw a figure approach. It was a girl. Her dress was seductively swaying in rhythm with the wandering breeze. At one point, it exposed parts that he could only see when he experienced those weird dreams. Those dreams that are never valid even if it rains coins of Kenyan twenty shillings. 
He widened his eyes, maybe to increase the scope or even to zoom the angel approaching. He covered his eyes as if to shelter them from direct sunlight. He saw her. The queen was approaching. The angel was coming. And for the first time in his life, unless when misbehaving, his masculine fellow that always rose with the sun in the morning, rose to the occasion. He was confused. He was lost in a myriad of thoughts. He was strangled by her beauty. 
Diana, on the other side, watched the ‘prince’ get lost for words. She was not quick to judge that it was her beauty that awed him. She kept looking behind to see if any other girl was trekking the same path. The road was clear. She then believed it was her. She could not help but smile. She exposed her pearl white teeth. Even to stones that have no feelings. She felt that she could pause the world’s numerous activities just to watch her shake whatever her mama had gifted her. She kept walking. 
Love is blind but it always finds its way to people’s hearts. Whatever it was that day, Kaka felt like never before. He psyched himself and approached Diana. Even before he could mumble a ‘Hi’ , the girl was already smiling. The smile melted his heart. He felt like a king watching her queen in her expensive birthday suit. He was very very happy. 
A force pulled them towards each other. The pull was hard to resist. Diana looked at his eyes. There, she saw the beautiful galaxy of shining stars. Her lips trembled. Kaka looked back. The world ceased to exist. They held each other. Seductively. They were cemented. They moved closer and closer embedding on each other. They closed their eyes….

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Trust your heart with your mind,

That’s what they say,

That’s what I’m told…


What if my mind is messed up,

My heart is fluttering,

What then?

As much as I would want to eat my own fireball I can’t.

I mean,

He burns brightest in silence,

When he smiles his flames just cast a soothing cloud…

I’m selfish yes but I want him up high,

For all to see him…

To want him…

Yearn him…

As much as I do!

And just marvel at his burning embers that don’t die out…

So Fireball,keep burning.
Your smile is what I ask for,

Your sillyness an added advantage,

In your presence I want to be,

In your embrace I want to be found,

So hold me never to let go,

Stay close for I don’t wanna miss you,

For in you I see me,

So stay with me,

Just stay with me.
Your words are the music I need,

The tune my soul dances to,

The long forgotten but familiar beat,

You speak to my heart…

You speak to my soul…

Your words wipe my tears,

They calm my fears,

But this is scary.
Yes it’s scary.

It’s scary how hard I want you,

But I know I just can’t…

For having you…

Accepting you

Is losing myself

To your words…

In your soul…

In your embrace…

To your heart.
I’m scared at the beauty of it all,

At the the sheer joy that it gives,

Coz beyond the joy we have now,

Is the unseen that awaits,

The unknown that we face,

The shadows that lurk,

And that…

That scares me.
I’m happy,

I’m excited,

I’m cautious,

I’m scared.

I’m sorry…
I don’t know why I do all this,

But I’m just sorry..

For what we think we have,

Will end as fast as it all started…

Hurting much more…

Stabbing us deeper…

Than when we knew us not.
Unconditional love…

The kind that comes out of nowhere,

And stays simple but strong,

Till when we start thinking of it

And then we end up destroying it all…

Just like that,

In a flash,

We are lost again!
So dear one,

I’m smiling for I’m happy,

I’m scared for I’m happy,

I’m excited for I’m happy,

I love you and I’m happy,

But in all these bliss,

I’m scared.