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Last Words

These may be my last words
So please listen,
This may be my last piece
So please read.

Maybe the this is
The last piece,
That I found to make it one masterpiece,
Maybe this is the tear
Dripping from this inky pen.

Maybe a young boy
Would fly for a second,
Land on boulders
And for once flow with the waves,
Maybe the tears would be finally washed off.

I’ll no longer see the scorching sun,
Nor would I walk in rain
To camouflage the rivers flowing
Down my cheeks;
So my heart skips a beat
My voice breaks
My heart breaks,
Then I’m dead for one day, only.

©Mishley Otiende

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The Coffee Date.

And evening came,
Wrapped in your warm coat,
I drapped in my fluffy scarf,
With our usual chitchats
Bits and pieces of jokes…
Towards the sunset we set off.

Across the table we sat,
At the corner of our favorite coffee house,
Staring at the menus,
Making fun of those in offer
Those which we understood not
But still…
Ordering what we usually had…
Our usual.

There we sat…
Synced physicality
Shared laughs
Stolen gazes
Passing time…
And in it all
We still were one…
United in what we knew not.

Two coffee pots later,
Euphoric state shared,
Emotions laid out bare,
Words left unspoken
And with one final peck,
The evening came an end,
With a promise of another date…
Our coffee date.


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Down Memory Lane

Hey you…
Do you have the time?
I know I do…
Can I get the chance?
Do I really stand a chance?
Do we stand a chance?

So here I am…
Sailing this reverie ship,
Reliving our shared moments,
Recalling our past moments,
Comparing our past…
To our present…
To who we are.

Remember how we started?
The endless random talks…
The shared magical silence,
The deep gazes to our soul,
The mental intimacy…
Oooohhhh those I lived for,
Yet now…
Now I hopelessly live on.

We promised never to get formal,
But look at us now…
We get to ask for a few more minutes,
For us to share as one
From the free natured souls…
To more awkward beings…
When did we lose us?

These memories I hold dear,
As a reminder of who we once were,
Of what we have now become,
Of all that we shared,
And all that I wish to share…
These memories are us…
The US that I yearn for.

I miss your presence,
I loathe your absence,
So to you I come again…
Asking you…
Do you have the time?
Can I get the chance?
Do we still stand a chance?


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Season Two of The Diverse Poets’

Getting better and stronger together…through the power that our words give us,that is all that we do.

Of passion shared through what our minds have concieved,through what our voices have spoken, through what our souls have sung, through what our hearts and eyes have seen…



Everyday all day its all about art and being artists. We are artists in our own mettle,not just because its what we do…but because we are too large to live in this life only as one character. The world is our stage and we are playing out our parts.

art artistic blank page book
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To the friendships forged,the new breath of life we have received,the new lessons learnt,the challenges faced..we all shall keep up bettering ourselves and reaching to all who can hear our sounds and voices.


We are Diverse Poets and that is our identity. Much love and all in all…let art keep uniting us all.


analog binder blank book
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Much can be said through our words,but with pictures,more than just a 1000 words can be said.

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Life In My Writing.

My body is numb and weary
For I know not writing on paper
Papers may be strewn by the wind
But my body dies and lives with my writing

I know the prick is painful when I write
So the ink joins me in my fight
I ink my body to my sorrow
So I may get to see another tomorrow

The scent of a companion remains unknown
For I feel dejected, rejected and beaten
You now come by as a confidant
To stand with me as I fight to my healing
But my pen is still bleeding and pleading
In my writing I die, in my writing I am born

© Hunt
https: //

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Our Daily Poetry Charity…

It takes more than just blood to form familial ties that bind…

It takes more than just words to express the deep set feelings that express all that we feel within us…

All we need in life is more love, laughs and that makes life more worth!!

It matters not who you are, what you think your circumstance makes you… We all are one…

So make moments now with all those that count…

Smile wider and let your light shine brightest…

Take pictures and freeze that opportune feeling in time…

Help all, even when you know they can’t help you at that moment…


Dance it all out through all seasons, make your own music if need be… And show your steps and moves to all

Service to others is the real humanity we need, so go out and serve…

Be afraid not of the challenges, for they make us strong…

Be all that you can be, for you are the best version of yourself that ever existed!!

When it seems you are failing, do not quit…. But with like minded individuals, take time off, regroup, brainstorm and come out stronger…

Teaching is the noblest form of profession… Teach and guide them, and watch them learn and come out approved by all

Above it all, give thanks to Him who is the author and finisher of it all. For its Him who gives us strength to do all that which we do… It’s by His grace, favour and love, that we see it all as joy and we delight in him.

Looking back at it all, it’s all joy, love and favour.

May the good Lord continue guiding your way little ones!!

Our Daily Poetry…

Giving hope!

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First Open Mic…

Having friends is among the greates gifts of life…having friends who share with you in your passion now that surpasses all greater joys that we can ever think of.


o more events together,more love shared ,more joy harboured all that and more.

I celebrate you all and rejoice in you all…may the poetry and passion within make all the ground we step on our everyday stage!!

Art flow…

There’s power in words indeed…let’s keep the fire burning.Our individuality is what makes us unique. hide it not,but let it show!!

Diverse Poets…

Let our passion be our driving force!!

#Photography credits all go to DylanPhotography…may the fruits I your Labour be tested far and wide.We appreciate your support through everything!!

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(Inspired by JayD…a soul who has been a blessing and an encouragement to me. A friend who despite the distance has remained close and a source of joy. Thank you for the inspiration and for your belief in me JayD. Let’s keep up with the good work…life is crazy enough,let’s not be left out..always a JayDbroVision!😉😉)

Today as the best day ever,
Taking one step at a time,
Each mile you take,
Is a step further from where you are,
So fear not…
To us all time and tide was given,
Make it the best of it all…
For tomorrow is never assured…
But today is…
It is our present!

Laugh and the world laughs with you,
Cry and see how cold the world can be!
Finding joy in all that we see,
Making each and everything count,
Smiling at the world around is…
The perfect sign to carry with us
The language understood even by the dumb…
So smile…
For in it you may make another’s day…
And you look much better when you do.

The greatest commandment of all,
Love your God with all that’s in you,
Love all with no inhibition carried within
This the good Book says!
Be that ray of light waited upon at dawn,
Bethe calm that comes after the storm…
To love is to give to others
For in giving we receive
So shut not your heart…
But open it to self and others…
Let’s give love!

I laugh,live and love,
Through my imperfections I’m made to see perfection,
Through my flaws I’m made to learn more,
Thus I give myself out to all…
For there’s no greater joy than this…
Being the reason another finds their smile and gets to live…
This no matter the storms faced…
No matter how bad my waters get troubled…
I shall rise above…
I shall rise to live,love and laugh!


Photo credits: JayD

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Tossing and turning

My body calling

Hoping yours is listening

Still daydreaming,

But wide awake.
Waiting and hoping,

At the doorstep I wait,

From the window I peep,

My ears down on the ground,

But still nothing.
Show me a sign,

Give me a map,

One I can follow,

Along any paths,

So as to feel you once more.
All alone in cold sheets,

All alone drenched in the rain,

All alone deep in the storm,

All alone I am,

Stranded in this desert!