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Chill Out…

I don’t listen to my own imaginary friend,
So why would I listen to yours??
Keep your thoughts to self,
For my being is done listening
A time to act is now…
If you need a role to be given
A seat at the back for you…
Has been reserved!


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So let’s talk…
About this chase
Where you show up one day
Pretend you gotta run
Wait for my pathetic plea
Asking you to stay a while
Bribing you with sweet words
Writing you some poetry
Opening my heart to you
Even though without reception
Then with a smirk on your face
A loose hanging lip
You wink at me…
The slow intentional one
Then in your husky voice,
You whisper loudly…
“I shall be back!”
And with a throbbing heart,
Flame-filled and wet downtown
Muscular spasms down thighland
A breaking voice…
I whisper back…
Right to your fading shadow
As the door bangs against its sills….
“One day,I will want you no more…guess that day ain’t today!”


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A Founded Yearn…

The one whose light homes my demons
The one who doesn’t strangle my demons
The one whose demons dance with mine
The perfect melody…
With a heartfelt lyrics
A perfect harmony.

We fight daily,
Breaking up at night
Making up when the sun rises
Waking up to brighter days
That’s you and I…
Peas in a pod
Just a shade different.

Facing us we can’t…
Watching us we daily do,
Words left unsaid
Tension growing high
But still…
Our clear path we create
Finding us.

Hold me down,
Just as before
In wholesome truth
Hiding nothing between
Telling it as it is
For how you see it…
Do what you do best…
Stop at nothing.

Let’s not drift,
Further from all that we have,
To the looming uncertainty,
To the cold stares
To the loud silence
That plagues our presence
For we know all we need.
We got all we yearn.


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What if you died today?
Would you choose to stay a while?
To see the world without you?
Would you be happy?
Of what you will get to see?
What if…
No one really notices your absence,
And finally when you go…
No one would care
And the few who will pretend to,
They will show up for your funeral…
But leave soon after….
For even in death…
You still wouldn’t be desirable!

Cry out to the full moon,
If that’s your desire
Vent your heart out
Through the bottle or a puff…
Or maybe with blood too….
Let the blood cruising within
Reach your inner core
Freezing all that it passes through
And when all is said and done
Please do forget not….
That you are what you are
Opinion around you matters not
Whether in death or life…
You still wouldn’t matter…
So yea…
And if there’s ever any peace that comes…
May it ever elude you!


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Who Kills?

The equaliser of all.

The mind…
The best weapon within us.

The person…
A shell we carry just for show.

A killer…
The attitude we take for our pleasure.

The devil…
Who we are when not in unison.

So give a person the bullet,
A killer is revealed
The devil is seen
The mind is eased…
And death is cursed!

Thus to who kills…
The killer or death…
That I know not
But all of them…
That I know.


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Day in day out each week,

In their rickety stalls they seat

Running their mouths they sure do,

Screaming out to all who pass by,

Of the wares they got in their stock,

And nothing of what they have not,

For they can’t accept a lack.
The prices out loud they shout,

Their country of origin too they scream,

Of the safety of their merchandize,

Off all the tests they have been subjected to,

But never do they tell…

Of their real worth in your life,

Of the need of you to have them.
By hook and  crook they will sell their wares,

Demeaning those of the other sellers,

Telling of their worsts even when not asked,

Cashing in on their falls just for gains,

All that and more for their goal…

To run them out of the market!

And take over their stalls too.
Through the eyes of the tax collector I will speak,

To dish a word or two about them,

Of the market sellers that shout themselves hoarse,

Bickering and tarnishing others within the market,

Be aware of them…

For even I am wary of them,

Yet I’m just the tax collector.
So next time you pass through the market,

Use your eyes to view the goods you need,

Use your words to get the best prices,

Use your hands to feel the texture of your purchases,

Use your ears not to listen to ’em sellers,

For in no time…

You too shall be driven out from the market,

So be aware our loyal customers.

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Lost in a spiraling limbo

Clung onto desolation 

Locked away from the world,

Where melancholy comes resounding like echos 

Fumbling around in a winding maze,

Hopefull to see the light

Stumbling, falling, crawling and arising 

Following a light that shone from afar 
But yet afraid…

Afraid to open my eyes,

Fearful that I’ll see 

That I’ll feel and be engulfed 

In a world so cold 

Thus with outstretched hands I fumble.
Taken by the unknown,

Covered by dark clouds,

Dreams turned nightmares,

Wishes turned curses,

All that and more,

To my shell I retreat,

For in it I find solace
I drown my sorrows in solitude 

Worn out by sickening Ingratitude 

For company I must elude

Praying silently that calm will return 

Craving for a peace of mind I once knew 

Longing for those days I was free 

Before I became tormented with sadness 

Taking a path alone 

It’s dark but hope glimmers 

That dawn will arrive sooner 
As the sun rises from the east,

To brighten my westbound path,

As I depart with the harmattan winds,

Hoping to find my elusive tranquility,

Thus on these sands of time I walk,

My footprints to be engraved forever,

For on this path again…

I shall take not!
© Kennanjagi


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The value of x is still unknown to me,

Battles. Puzzles.

Exists in my realm,

Broken pieces of porcelain,

Sharply stares back at me,

Barefooted in my apartment,

She lays in front of me,

Stained with bites of struggle,

Blood oozed,

Dried on her mouth,

She’s still!
My hand holds a pistol,

 A voice commands,

“drop your weapon, put your hands where I can see them!”

Mistaking this for a dream,

Turns around, gun aiming,

“pa! pa! pa!” there it goes,

“suspect down! I repeat! Suspect down!”

I stare now at the frail body besides me,

Speaking the same language,

Language of death.

How did we end here!?

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Black and white,

Hot and cold,

Calm but stressed,

Love and hate,

Find me within the two,

But to choose I can’t.
In heaven or hell

In the church or tavern 

In the living or dead 

With the light or darkness 

In delight or sorrow 

Find me between the two 

but to choose I can’t
I cry in my laughter,

I jeer though I cheer,

Smile at me I shall sneer,

I aint a saint nor the devil,

In between I do roam,

So I aint gonna choose.
democrat or republican

master or slave 

sinner or righteous 
when life tosses its coin

heads or tails

you gotta lie on either


but to choose, 

you can’t…

I pick my friends,

I choose my fights,

I walk away,

I laugh out loud

I embrace fully,

As I aint in between,

And all that is my choice 

I can choose for me.

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It always seems right when the stars align

When they blushed and fell for you,

The universe hushed,

God paused from His clayworks,

Wiped the gold dust off HIS hands,

At your presence with a smile He was.
Before your form He stood

A final glance at His masterpiece

Oooohh!What perfection!

Gently to you He breathed,

So soflty you chest made movement

With stacato rythms it all began!
Your peach-shaped breasts up and down they moved

Your silky hair with the wind seemed to fly

The perfectly curved lips a coy smile the give,

The radiance on your face made the moon shy,

And in your deeply set hazel eyes,

Our future was clearly seen!
Beauty your soul epitomized,

You drank beauty and bled poetry,

your chiseled body,

Your skin so silky,

A drop of you angel,

Intoxicates more than a sea of whiskey,

Be my smouldering coals,

Be my conquering goals,

Your the mother of the cliches,

Heaven misses an angel,

Its as if an angel made love to a mortal,

Your beautiful soul emanating thereof!
Spell my future,

Calligraphically kiss it with your glossy lips,

Never slap your face with cakes of makeup,

Why yet God a masterpiece made you up?
Marry Ogutu,

Because you two are cool!

Be his fires,

Him your ice,

Sing songs as game of thrones your king he becomes,

Give him 15 sons,

A daughter called Linda too,

I beg to rest my inkdrops,

As your soul drank it all,

Adios amigos!
©Think Tank


©Joy Munde🌹