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In the comfort of my solitude,

I find peace that I yearn

Away from the hustles of the day

Far from the nights’ whispers

In my solitude

My inner self joins with nature

Blending self and nature in harmony

That’s my tranquility.

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*Spic weekly joint poem*

*Theme*: *Hurricane Matthew*.
Hurricane Mathew was so wicked and merciless,

Visiting Haiti homes and leaving them lifeless.

Saint Matthew preaching the gospel of the grave;

that his gospel of “kill” betters the gospel of “save”.
They had no one to call in distress,

and this Matthew left them in a mess.

As mother nature lays her children to waste,                                         

Graves with random names fill without haste.                                                                                                                                     
Season of disaster befall the land 

Creator creatures beneath the sand. 
With eyes flooding tears,

Staring in confusional tears.
I asked for the renovating motivator

was shown powerless sting in death’s creator.

Just as the ocean surely washes to shore,

So is the deep pain felt to the core.

Loss of loved ones became songs sung by the birds, 

Songs of sorrow was now the dirge for the deads.

As the waves and bade Tsunami,

Haiti bowed and cried why me.
The soil has ceased to hold the feet 

In this disaster our hope is put to pit. 
O’ Lord! Your mercy; we humbly seek.

These disasters is a pain to the cheek! 
Mother nature call back your elements

We your cubs at the mercy of tempests.
Some minutes’ silence for the souls lost in pits

As mad reaper reaped the best off in fleets.
*This couplet was birthed by the following Spics in chronological order*.
Cheye Hudi Maxwell (max_hood)

*Paul Bushman*

Michael Babatunde (Olaoluwa)


Iyanda AbdulHamid (Mr. Principle)


Akinwale Peace (Philip Peace)

©Joy🌹(Joy Munde)

Endurance David *Donenddy*

Juma Ogutu

Taliat Aminat


Oladele Taiwo O.(Katoonspeaks)

Toyin Sharif Awokunle (Tersemann)


*Spic Yusuf Bada, Spic Chechyn, Spic Josh, Spic Emaculate, Spic Muteeheart, Spic Olaoluwa, Spic Tersemann, Spic Wimlade, Spic Mosijinuola, Spic Ademola C and Spic Willipraise*.


*Abegunde Sunday O.*


*SPIC Family* 

Speaking Pen International Concept (SPIC)

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Our differences in tongues and skins

are God’s gentle beautiful art keen.

Like a caterer turning rice to jollof rice,

fried, coconut or leaving it white.

We are various isles from one island,

We are geckos that echo on one land.

Tho’ we’re scattered like cast seeds,

a:r hearts’re twined like pair of genes.

I smoked wisdom, puffs of Intels spin,

Listen to voices that’re wisdom filled.

If genesis is not revolution.

Then heed my words for satisfaction.

The world`s a grassland to hearth all,

Rain graces the grass and Shrubs tall. Thus, we remain therein to breed,

To empty this earth-full and be freed.

Heed! For peace and unity to rain

blood in the Black and White veins.

We wind across the lonely path on

the mount with none but rocky soil.

With arms interlock we aim sky high

and our difference and odd put aside.

Nostalgia sits on our hearts and like

downpour let’s toast and drink wines.

Spread love to nurture our future like a

river that flows into ocean, let’s relate.

Let no history repeats its itchy self,

But our youthful bones in peace delve.

Let’s not escalate their past’s fight

for two wrongs don’t make a right.

Moulded above and beyond the sea;

Different colours for eyes to see.

The rainbow saves the world-ly storm;

Different yet survive the earth’s form.

All hands entwine in times of need,

Like plant sprouting from a richy seed.

Bright petals in the midst of a coven,

So is our voice in a world so broken.

Words that puncture the d`p darkness

with luminous and sonorous silence.

The pen shall bleed into empty heart

when the world fears to tread aright.
_Ayeyemi Taofeek (Aswagaawy),_


_Alexious Chimwala [AlexAfroGenius),_


_Fuseini Muhammad Kamaldeen (Creative thinker),_ *Ghana.*

_Joy Munde (Joy),_


_ljoni onismus motadi (L’jay the poet),_

*South Africa.*

_Charlotte Akello (CHARL)_


_Elizabeth Semende (Liz AfroPoetess),_

©2016, September 01.