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Life In My Writing.

My body is numb and weary
For I know not writing on paper
Papers may be strewn by the wind
But my body dies and lives with my writing

I know the prick is painful when I write
So the ink joins me in my fight
I ink my body to my sorrow
So I may get to see another tomorrow

The scent of a companion remains unknown
For I feel dejected, rejected and beaten
You now come by as a confidant
To stand with me as I fight to my healing
But my pen is still bleeding and pleading
In my writing I die, in my writing I am born

© Hunt
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Man Harder To Understand…

I keep gazing at my nail tips,
Then suddenly am chewing them,
am not hungry definitely,
But deep in thought,
Who said women are hard to understand?
Who created that ladder ?
Its okay,
But men are harder to understand.

Today he wants you,
he is jealous of every source of your smiling that aint him,
Acts all am good even when its not,
Drags you along the streets for everyone to see you are his,
Then suddenly,
Same street he breaks your heart .

I aint dating the public,
Its you my man, my love,
If you feel like you can’t stand them male friends,
just shhhh and go home,
They might be behind the me staying put in the relationship.

If you feel am too bold,
More manly than you?
Just walk out,
Or even stay and let us grow together,
Drain my moods,
And I will drain your too,
Keep me happy and happy you will be,
Men are harder to understand,
Just let women be.

Lilian wanjere


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Son…respect a woman,

For you are a gentleman,

And not ‘coz she is a woman,

I remember his words.
Hold your blade up straight,

Taking smooth but firm strokes,

As you keenly look in the mirror,

For that’s how you shave your beard.
Give a firm handshake,

As your stance you maintain,

For in words nations have been built,

And many a like destroyed.
His words echo deep in me,

As I look into your eyes,

I see the same innocence I had,

I know my time to pass it on is nigh.

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Stand your ground,

Hold all that life gives,

Give the much that you can,

For in our giving we become,

In our becoming we are,

But again…

The question still lingers,

Who am I?
In God’s image we are made,

Dominion over the rest we were given,

To lead all as they follow,

Treading in the untrodden paths,

Step by step forth we move,

Giving hope where it may falter,

For that’s who we are.
You are not the clothes you wear…

Despite it being great for our image,

We ain’t the cars or machines we drive,

Even though society dictates otherwise,

Our deep baritone voices identify us,

But that is not really who we are,

So today I stand,

To tell of who we are.
Be a man!!

Be a man…?!


These words keep ringing in my head,

With each rising dawn and setting dusk,

From all around us we sure hear it,

Despite the context these words are given to us,

We still are left in amazement,

On what it all means,

In what we “men” are supposed to be…

So next time we hear it,

It will need more than just a nod of the head,

Or a shake of our heads!
I know who I am…

Not awaiting a description from those around,

Not awaiting meaning from those hanging around,

For I am me…

Born and bred as the original,

To stand up and out stand in everything,

Laying out my all for the sake of all,

Call me the protector and I shall respond,

For just as my Father up above,

Those I call my own I will protect,

Putting them under my wing,

Caring for them…

Loving them…

For they are of me,

As I am of them….

I am man.
I am a man…

Built of strength and lots of courage,

Built to last and endure all challenges that I may face,

Built in the most human form possible…

I too get weak sometimes,

Life sure hits me the hardest too,

Through valleys of self doubt and pain I pass through,

Of pain and confusion too I have been,

But in it all I still am able to stand,

I stand firm despite all that I may pass through,

I stand for I am a man,

You outstand for you are the man,


You are being a man.
Let not the phrase be a man bring you down,

For with sunrise that we see,

A lot comes into play in a man’s world,

We are built to last…

I am built to outlast,

You are built to shine,

To last,

To outlast,

To outstand…

For you are the man.
So listen up my man,

With certainty I know I know you,

You are the man,

This is who you are…

Bold and brave

Stand unswayed on your will 

Impose your way through fears 

Of the ones you care about 

Brave like a lion in the wild 
Strong and full of might 

For you were built to last long strong 

Never withhold back your might 

When the ones you care about feel threatened 

Like the rage of a wildfire 

Consume and guard your jewels 
Courageous and firm 

Be a solid rock where your loved ones stand on 

A foundation that never can be moved 

A firm rock that takes pride in what he loves 

And never is shaken or scared to stand firm.
So this day I stand before all,

Not to beat my chest on my deepening voice,

Or to sing about the scanty chest hairs I see,

For I know all that do not define me.

A protector I was made to be,

To shield and defend my own,

A victor I was meant to be,

To face each challenge thrown at me with a brave face,

To show courage and be an epitome of strength in the face of weakness,

To be that bright beam of light needed in the darkest hour,

Leading through murky waters in search of the calm in the storm.

Humility may be thought as a foreign trait,

But who said respect enslaves?

I stay humble and respect all for who they are…

Yes I am a man.

To them I may be a brother,an uncle,a dad,a grandfather…

I may be seen as a lot of things of the male species,

But in all one trait should stand out….

I am a man!
Are you a man?



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Hey ♌ Leo…

Today I write to you,

I’m a Taurus ♉…

I will love you in silence,

Show it through my actions,

Express it in my words,

But will be afraid,

To tell it to you,

For the fear of rejection lingers,

So I shall hope,

That between the pages of my mind,

Between the lines of my writing,

In the calmness of my solitude,

There you shall find yourself,

For that’s where I keep you,

Hiding you,

Wanting you only for me,

For being the Bull…

I protect my own,

And you are my own.
Yours in love,

     ♉ Taurus the Bull.

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The sun spread its rays lazily that afternoon

I was loitering around with nothing to do

Then I saw her, a true beauty

Her smile was nothing in this world

She walked in a way befitting models

I told my heart to have courage and approach her

A chance like this could only come once in a blue moon

Her curves could turn all patriots into rebels

A second look into her eyes 

Made the images of all the other girls blurred

A true beauty, a rare gem

I tried to call her but I became voiceless

I walked to where she was and I was helpless

I braced myself not to cry

I cursed my weak heart

All I could do was stare wondering at her beautiful

She smiled at me with a hi

Her angelic voice drove me high

It was a feeling never experienced

I was so nervous 

Is this what they call love at first sight?

Will the two of us be lovers? 

I managed to reply with a croaky hi

She told me her name was Knight

I told her mine

She was heading home and asked me to escort her

We walked on in silent and i felt my heart beat with a rare power

She was the one I had been wishing for

A friend, a sister all rolled into one

I wouldn’t waste my chance with her

A few strides down the dust infested road

She asked whether I would mind introducing myself

I was so taken by her beauty that I couldn’t utter a word

After a series of mumbling and whispering 

I managed to raise my voice

Slightly higher enough to be heard over my heartbeat’s noise

I was talking like a stammerer fully soaked in alcohol 

She just looked at me with pity or was it love? 

I didn’t mind either 

It was her turn to introduce herself 

And i was watching with my mouth wide agape

I got only her name and a short history of herself

I got her number and waved goodbye 

My heart sunk as if being separated from it’s own body

I knew she would be my everything 

I thanked fate and coincidence that I had trod that road

It gave me what I had been looking for

A friend and a sister from home where I had none
©Kimaru Kim &  Samuel Ndaire

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Royalties are found when we dream they say,

Thus we believe in fairy tales made in fantasy,

In that fair damsel always in distress,

Rescued from her woes by a knight,

The unseen knight always in shining armour.
Today I tell of our royalties,

Those we choose to see each day,

Along our streets they strut,

Majestically head held high,

Adorned in their own crown,

One better than the common silvewares.
Owned by all who dare to stand out,

Different shades are seen but all show their beauty,

Some curly and short but deeply rooted,

Some kinky and long call them Afro.
See it stand tall on their heads,

Call that its altitude.

See her strut along proudly,

I love her attitude.

Standing out from the rest her hair sure does,

Now that I shall call the Afrotude!
She is our national pride,

She is our natural queen,

A queen adorned in her crown,

A queen with attitude,

One with a bit of aptitude,

She is the queen of afrotude!

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By the worlds’ standards I can never fit,

But still I know who I am.
Along the paths I walk head held high,

But their eyes still tear me down piece by piece.
In a not so perfect world I live,

And in it I seem an outcast,shun by the rest.
I am made of imperfections that’s true,

But in them I am able to see my little perfections.
No need to compare my life or state with the rest,

As I know they would not last in my shoes.
I stand alone at being me,

I stand with all those who see the me that I am.
To their scorned faces I shall gracefully walk,

As in me there is something greater…
And that can never be taken from me,

I am just me.

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Out of His words all were made,

From his ribs I was formed!

In the world all authority was given,

To subdue,dominate and enliven!
Queen of the Savannah I am,

Standing tall,with the giraffes I eat!

The super eagle I always am,

My hawk-eyes attentively they swoop!
Each step I take a rumble I make,

All those near and far know of my presence.

Whispers from the disgruntled those I hear,

But none courageous to grace my presence.
With the agility of the great cat I swoop,

Its patience getting me from sunrise to sunset,

The monsoon winds in its strength may pass,

But like the African baobab,Im firmly rooted!
The blue sky above me,

The brown earth below me,

Fire within me,

I stand tall,as Im made to conquer!

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Sudden rebirth

Stunning real earth

Leaves fall and leave me

I’m left but a branch, the real me

I’m stretching out for growth.

From the ground I rise,

To all around I apraise,

All that witness these shall praise,

As its my turn to shine,

To really step up and step out.

Into the limelight I come,

Shunning the moonlight I will not,

Beneath the clouds I walk,

I think aloud!

Thoughts clearer than water

I am mother natures’ daughter!

Into this new life,

I choose my new path,

I set my own rules,

I pick my damn fights,

As I know all is right,

Just to show my presence.

I laugh louder,

I smile wider,

I love deeper,

I forgive quicker,

And write more,

Until when my ink will be no more!

So till such a time comes,

My pen I shall wield,

Upon my paper it to kiss,

My new beginnings all to write,

Page after page to open,

My new chapter I shall fill.

With blood if I have to,

In my sweat too I will,

In a bid to leave a positive mark,

I shall do all that I can

My voice to surpass the mountain peak

Thus I forever shall speak

My rebirth for all it is, to spread the love and joy.

©Citrus Fudge🍫🍫


©Joy Munde🌹