Hold me close,

Embrace me,

Breathe in me,

For I’m yours.
Strum my strings,

Pound my walls,

Break my cover,

To you I surrender.
Sing our song,

Hit that gong,

Feel that resounding beat,

Let’s melt in this heat.
My passion,

Your intensity,

Let’s mash it all up,

For its our ecstasy!



The following day the sun rose wearily 

Its warm rays darkened by the presence of him

My brother, my friend’s boy

Ruthlessly hitting on my door

Threatening to murder it

All in the name of a knock

A streak of sweat,

Pulled my arm back,

A shade of regret,

Pushed my mind blank,

The door gave in,

The gap between my lips went thin.

 In a near slow motion 

My neck refused to hold my head and face

So they obeyed gravity and went falling down 

Now coloured with a hue of pure shame 

I pondered, pensive i thought 

Why did it happen?

Now came along,

A price to pay,

What do I say?

I will be a father,

Should I state further,

How my brother and I,

Differ like ground to sky.

Surprisingly a smile easily formed on his lips

As he prepared his organs of speech

To tell me of the good news 

Of him getting a kid soon

To share his surname with 

To fill our tranquil environment 

With vibrant sweet noise 
I couldn’t help but congratulate

Deep inside a heated debate 

What if the unborn

Has staggered speech 

Has bow legs 

 A receding hairline 

And a short tallness? 

It then would be clear 

My athlete was on the finish line 

While my brother’s was on the mark 

Set to run an already won race

The big questions and answers 

Would be direct to one person

My Brother’s girlfriend
*© Maru_kim*


Hey ♌ Leo…

Today I write to you,

I’m a Taurus ♉…

I will love you in silence,

Show it through my actions,

Express it in my words,

But will be afraid,

To tell it to you,

For the fear of rejection lingers,

So I shall hope,

That between the pages of my mind,

Between the lines of my writing,

In the calmness of my solitude,

There you shall find yourself,

For that’s where I keep you,

Hiding you,

Wanting you only for me,

For being the Bull…

I protect my own,

And you are my own.
Yours in love,

     ♉ Taurus the Bull.


I have a bother,I am his brother 

He has a girl, She is my friend 

My dad was not much hardworking

As only we won the procreation marathon 

And got to see the sun staring warmly

She smiles at me

I smile back

At the table she winks

Or is it exaggerated blinks

But she is forbidden

Perhaps adding flavour to the temptation
Cecilia, as her name goes

Visits frequently when brother is gone 

Watches me straining muscles in the farm

Drops her pot to watch me torture the earth

When she realises am watching 

She walks seductively 

So that my lusty eyes confirm shaking behind
How much longer?

My walls are falling

Her lips are calling

The desire grows stronger

She bites her lips

Closer..she brings her hips
Then one night, just one night 

She came asking for excess salt

That night the handshake was longer

Something sweet was in the air

And behind her i saw a great future
Then she stopped

The salt dropped

Over she bent

Up my lust went

The motion is slowed

My loyalty overshadowed
Like Jason Derulo screams 

She wanted to want me

And she did her all to be next to me

Whatever happened, as always said

Is untold of and its better stated as history

But of the next morning

As brother came knocking

A rush of guilt

Equipped with regret

Coloured with shame


     *Kim the Poet*


“`The dim light of the candle, when swallowed by darkness

Effaces the memento lying  in the museum of our past.

Enveloped by darkness, our past lays entombed;

Future unraveled, but the paths are bleak.
When the heart rustle;

My ears act deaf

My eyes turn blind

To the reality of the man you are.
We sink deep into jeopardy on the same bed of yesterday

I fall prey once again to the same man with a barren heart.

The nights wont grow old

Our hearts will grow cold.
Laments are in rehersal;

Tomorrow is dejavu, 

We have been here before

This was but a sequel?
Here lies the woman I used love

Your lips will read the epitaph loudly so the world will understand;

My soul died countless times in the palms of the man I loved.“`

©Liz ~  the Afro Poetess




Tonight is all about you

Tonight is my night

I wanna make it our night
Lights on for me to see you

Lights out for me to feel you

Any n both works well
So come forth lets hush

You n I the greatest Secret

You n I forever Sweet
 *Secret Marims*

The love scent

Together we were meant 

Missionary or bent? 

Non you say we can’t. 
Three or four? 

Mind even oral? 

Fast or slow? 

Nothing you ask what for. 
It’s the story untold

When together there should be no cold

As we let future unfold

A baby we can mould.

©Joy M🌹

©Sweet Secret


img-20160902-wa0004.jpgI know you are mine to keep

With love we made our story,

And now we get our part in history

True love needs no magic or voodoo

As all that you give is to me like juju.
Your prisoner forever I am

In the kind of prison I love to be held

Use your words to keep me captive

But also your gaze keeps me your captive

Loving you was never easy

But staying in love I find it easier.
Despite all our distance

Despite all their resistance

I still call you mine

As in you I see us,in us I see me

Maybe Im mad they whisper

But who cares if I am??

Being with you is the madness I yearn.
No matter the seasons of the year we are in

No matter the time of day we find us in

To all the hopefulls and the near hopefulls I say

You are my man and thats it

I am your lady and thats all to it…
Take my hand lets walk the talk,

Side by side lets paint it all with love!!

Hoping someday you will tell it to me,

So this day to you I say it,

I love you!!