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The ghostwriter….



You said you needed to see the truth in my eye

See if i got in me any lie

To get answers to any question i would not answer,

So Today i hand you the pages,

This is something i havent done for ages

Being good,

I know you know not of what they say about me,silence was my food

I love to get intimate with you

Am already on your ass like an ewe

Lips shaking

Heart aching

Love scorching my soul

Sun warming me its time to get home

But what you do you

Your lips pressed together

Thoughts kept to oneself

Love kept in the shelf

Candles blown out

Darkness cropped in

Hearts dry and weary

Yeah just a page from my heart

Written in red

What about black now

Will you read it in the dark

Wont you click at my thoughts



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Always on your case… Your pieces are worth…

On a writer note

Everyone I know is gone,
Even the ghosts don’t howl anymore.
The graffiti falls off the walls
And the wind pushes the litter along the pavement
Like even it,
Has lost the will to live.
The dust rises barely above my ankles .
I remember when it would rise to my eyes and make me run along like someone chasing a lover
The town on who’s sleeves I put my heart is nothing more than a dusty antique in a forgotten basement.
There are no angry people
No happy people
Just bodies dragging themselves away from poverty.
I sit on a dilapidated staircase,
And swallow the pill of nostalgia,
As I watch myself,
Turn into just anoth

er body.
Do six feet even make a difference?


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The silent wall

thoughts and memories

Sitting still in the stark of the night, counting the shimmering stars, listening to the whispers of the northern winds is a concrete wall 5 foot high. Over the days it had weathered with the ground on which it stood on, giving away to the harsh weather and dying from how poorly it was created.

The owner of the house, boss as the workers called him had built his house in haste and no plan, he just needed a roof over his head. The idea of building a wall round his house hit him the day his neighbor got robbed. A wall became a necessity he could not live without and after a month of ‘serious’ saving there was a frail, 5-foot, stone round his house.

Over time the wall had lost it’s agility to the ever falling rain, the ballast holding the stones together had started to blown off…

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Hey Love
I thought of writing you a song,
But Lord knows…
My voice is only good to scare errant kids.

I thought of painting you an art,
But with my ADHD….
I got no patience to floor Picasso.

I thought of coming over to you,
But heck this distance!!
I may need to use a time travel device!

Thus here I am…
A poet by passion,
A lover by default,
Giving my words to you…
Hoping to you they reach…
With all their flavour and depth!

I am a shy poet…
A hopeless romantic…
A lovelorn she…
Who yearns only for him.
Him whom I wish to have and to hold…
To stare and look at…
To smile and laugh with,
To kiss and to love
Both his soul and heart
His body too….

A million stars too late I maybe,
A thousand times over I may have tried,
To tell of my heartfelt yearnings,
Of all the butterflies I seem to harbour
For within you…
I see the galaxies light up…
And my own world compares not.

I write of your deep dimples I would wanna dive in,
Of the smirky grin you carry all day,
Of the bright smile that lighten my path…
For all I would wish everyday…
Is for you to keep your smile…
For its all that sets my heart on fire.

I’m a shy poet,
Thus I shall just write,
Of how my soul sings to his tune
Of my heart melodies to his presence,
Hoping one day with the shooting stars,
He may able to see me…
See beyond this poet who is shy…
Beyond this hopeless romantic.


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Sands Of Time.

Grain by grain,
Ounce by ounce,
All trickles in,
Of what we once had,
All that was thought to be lost,
It’s all coming back to me.

It’s been a long while,
Since my heart and yours,
Connected in another way,
Since our trodden paths
Met at the junction…
Where we always met
With all our inhibition forgotten.

Forgive my intrusion,
But just like before,
I have no limits,
Bearing in mind that it’s you,
That still holds my heart
In the most amazing way ever.

Your words I do yearn
Even though I still hold on to them
Them that which you wrote in the dead of the night
Them that talked of tranquility
That was found in the company of self
Those are the ones I yearn.

In desolation I have been,
Moving in a spiral limbo,
Parambulating in a growing maze
Hoping just for the glance of your shadow
Wishing upon the falling stars
That I too may have my lucky streak!

So at our grove I shall wait,
Your voice my ear shall wait for,
Your voice my soul awaits,
Your words my heart do yearn for
‘Coz I know despite the gone time
Despite the already passed seasons…
Rest is all that you too yearn.

Let’s take chance
To right all our wrongs
To mend out fallen pieces
To rewrite our washed up goes
And just like the sands of time…
We shall set the precedents for others!


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End of an Era.

From the distant hills
Across the various ridges
Through the rough terrain
The tides have risen
Mayday! Mayday!
There’s trouble at sea.

The ancestors have spoken
The warriors are all armed
Hear their silent chants
Heed to their call…
With nowhere to run to
Let’s not die as cowards.

Words uttered
Promises made
Mistakes repeated
Lost chances
All that and more…
Has made us stronger,albeit weak!

Freedom is constant
Decisions are relative
Consequences are real!
So stand tall
Face the music as it comes
For it is the end of an era!


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It came in,
In the dark,
So silent to hear a cry of a pin,
The dog couldn’t bark,

Grab me by the chest,
Drizzle off the air,
Slowly putting me back to rest,
Driven back to despair,

The reborn,
Of a big monster,
Who lived to crash the corn,
Left me speechless and nothing to utter,

Arose the spirit in me,
Devils rose to their dance,
My body an indesigned morphine,
Anaesthetic to the monster’s glance,

Abyss to my front,
Laid the hungry tongues,
Homophous and without definite font,
Yearning to engulf my own last gasp i guess,

But egos and instincts started to stitch,
My lungs let out a dry scream,
That made my throat to itch,
The pitch was so laud for a cream,

Consciousness returned,
From oblivion was restored,
After a circle,
Made of shadows and fading figures,
Surrounded me,
To inquire of the return,
Of a big monster,

Too bad it was all,
Just but a dream……


Might be continued

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Like the forgotten hymns,
I now hum your name,
With no apparent tune,
Fumbling to remember our rhythm
But still…
The words escape my lips.

Once a lover of my soul,
My no-code lover
More of a corded lover
But here we are…
Mobile…drifting further,
Connected but still in disconnect.

Sound the alarm again
Remind my heart of your sound
Tell it of the chirpy morn sounds,
If the shinny see in the first light,
Let my soul wake up to you
For now I’m roused when the moon sets up high.

Let’s get back to the basics…
Loving when all we have is trouble,
Laughing when we are the joke,
Living to the fullest for we had us,
When dad’s sighting you was scarier…
Than me posting a pic with no filters.

Give me a sign…
Today,hold me closer than yesterday,
Tell me not of your love or passion,
But restore me…
Restore all we shared,
Restore us in the splendour of our home.

Take me home…
Forget not the country road
Just like the risen waves
That fall with the tides
Let’s get to our shore…
For there shall we find rest…
Never to fade to oblivion!


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3 Wishes…

If wishes were granted
By a long forgotten fairy
All will just be on you
For you are the greatest of all…
More than I could wish for.

To hear you laugh…
I’m your deep baritone voice
Seeing how your eyes light up
How the smile lingers on
That would be my first wish.

Dreaming along the shores
Gazing upon the stars
At the breeze of the passing winds
Just to have you by me daily
That would be my second wish.

Finding my muse in you
Telling of our tales
Recalling our moments
As we make New memories
That’s my third wish.

But a fairy I need not
For daily I have you
Your smile gives me a smile
Your laugh is all that I need
With you is all I do…
I have you.


Lots of love to you two❤❤❤

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Let’s Find Us…

Come closer
Hold me tight
Feel my heart
Beating to your rhythm
Feel my pulse
Racing for you
It’s you and me
All that we need
All that we got
Let’s make our conversation
This time with our mouths shut
For words ain’t enough
To make you realize
Of all I have for you
So close your eyes for me
I will lead you till the end
Let me be the one
To kiss your blues away
To bring back him whom I see in you
So close your eyes for me
My lips yearn for yours.