It has been quite a long while,

Of me hiding behind my smile,

Of keeping all of my pain,

Stringing it all in my chains,

But now I’m free…

To hold you closest like a wand to a fairy.
Daily I await the dawning morning,

Not only to view the bright sun rising,

But also to see you smiling,

To see the twinkle deep in your eye,

To just gaze and not be asked why,

For you are my warmth in July.
Each night in your arms I am found,

Gently you blow on my wound,

Calming all my raging fears,

Wiping away all my tears,

To be closely held in your embrace,

Gazing at the stars right on the terrace.
Hold me captive in your gaze,

I want to get lost in our love maze,

To melt at the touch of your hands,

To answer to all of your demands,

For with you I’m complete,

As I burn deeply in our heat.
My heart beats again,

In me now you reign,

In my thoughts now you dwell,

Around us I have built a shell,

To hold us two in our own world,

As we let our love run our world.


I could sing my heart out,

Of the love songs from the stereo,

But still none of them can compare,

To the one my heart daily sings,

Just at the thought of you.
I’m lost of track,

On the much we have done,

From where we have come from,

To where we have reached,

And still I blush when you call my name.
Smiling in our tears,

Fighting to make up,

Conversing in our silence,

Giving with no expectations,

That’s what our love is.
Time is just but a factor,

More of a passing wind in a storm,

For in the midst of my storms,

You have always been my anchor,

My peace…my calm.
Together great seasons we have passed,

Sometimes less reasons we have given,

On how our obvious imperfections,

Have made us the perfect match,

Finding comfort in our warm loving embrace.
A new year in love we begin,

Our journey together we still moving,

Hand in hand to our unseen destination,

Through the bumps together to pass,

By the waterfalls us to make love,

Take my hand love,let’s walk.

To love you everyday I will,

Apple of my eye daily to be,

To sail together through the rising tides,

To quench our thirsts at our oasis,

For in you I see me,

Let’s feel us once more.
The color of love may be red,

For the intensity and passion it gives,

Maybe too its yellow,

For the smiles and warmth it gives,

Maybe royal purple it is,

For its nobility and splendor,

But you are the color of my love,

For in you I got everything!
Happy New Year in love…

Let our smiles be wider,

Our joy be fuller,

Our cries be sincere,

Our love to grow…

I love you!


From this day forward,

I stand before thee,

Saddened by the facts,

Faced with reality,

Of all that were wished for,

To all that experienced,

And all that has passed.
I promise before all,

Albeit in silent whimpers,

Not to be taken back,

To when the moon shone brightly,

To the beauty of the evening star,

To the rhythm of passing wind,

For in them lays love.
With a straight face,

A broken heart,

Dampened spirits,

A restless soul,

Lost blank eyes,

Shattered hopes,

My promises I will keep.
Let the ever rising tides,

Give rise to dark nights,

To the eerie sounds heard,

Let the ears fall deaf,

To keep all around away,

As we shut our eyes,

From the ugly beauties around.
Back and forth I may move,

Aimless like a headless chicken maybe,

In search of the hidden truths,

Unraveling the lost memoirs,

Of much laughter and cheer,

But unearthing nothing,

For none shall make sense then.


Site Title

Today I set out for the journey
with a bag inside full of honey
to eat on the way as I travel
coz I want people to marvel

my journey started in the morning
not knowing what lies ahead of me
I don’t know where to go
but I’m filled with ego
I want to go to a certain place
though the exact place is unknown

i board a matatu
given a seat of two
next to me sits a lady
the journey seems to be ready
we set out to a certain city

Hi, my name is Holy Boy
Hi, mine is Joy
woow! what a nice name
we shake hands and feel the warm
my journey is not that bad

I am going to Nairobi
travelling is my hobby
I’m a student at Kenyatta University
pursuing degree in gender equality
right now I’m going back to school

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