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What if you died today?
Would you choose to stay a while?
To see the world without you?
Would you be happy?
Of what you will get to see?
What if…
No one really notices your absence,
And finally when you go…
No one would care
And the few who will pretend to,
They will show up for your funeral…
But leave soon after….
For even in death…
You still wouldn’t be desirable!

Cry out to the full moon,
If that’s your desire
Vent your heart out
Through the bottle or a puff…
Or maybe with blood too….
Let the blood cruising within
Reach your inner core
Freezing all that it passes through
And when all is said and done
Please do forget not….
That you are what you are
Opinion around you matters not
Whether in death or life…
You still wouldn’t matter…
So yea…
And if there’s ever any peace that comes…
May it ever elude you!


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I am freedom
I meet the horizon
I cry the waterfalls
I wonder the jungle
I dance the birds’ tunes

I am freedom
As untamed as wildlife
Vigorous as rivers
Calm as streams
Flow with the wind like branches

I am freedom
Rooted to home soil
Durable as the mountains
Careless like the rain
Jovial as the sun

So breathe me in
Let me guide you
to new worlds ignored
Let me guide you


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Our Do Over…

Through time I have come to learn,
That to actually be happy,
I have to be with those I like,
Those who like and appreciate me,
And that’s all that matters.

My mind wanders off
In a dreamy nostalgia I’m left
Of the good old days
Of when you and I were one
Of the times we spent being us
Of the laughs we shared
The memories we created…
Comparing to what we have now…
None of what we had.

The paths we once walked on
Have all grown green.
The seats we once sat on
Have grown cold with the seasons,
The stars we once gazed on,
Shine less bright without you…
All these and more,
Remind me of you.

My heart gets colder these days
With your very absence,
Your presence is all I yearn
To be with you as before
Deep down I ask…
Wondering within myself
Of what happened to us.

Take a chance with me
Forgetting all that happened before
Keeping the moments of before
And with our open hearts
Let’s rebuild us…
To what we were
To what we once had.

Forgive our mistakes,
Let’s build our bridge,
Mending our broken cords,
To do what we did best,
So hold my hand
Let’s take this path again.


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The silent wall

thoughts and memories

Sitting still in the stark of the night, counting the shimmering stars, listening to the whispers of the northern winds is a concrete wall 5 foot high. Over the days it had weathered with the ground on which it stood on, giving away to the harsh weather and dying from how poorly it was created.

The owner of the house, boss as the workers called him had built his house in haste and no plan, he just needed a roof over his head. The idea of building a wall round his house hit him the day his neighbor got robbed. A wall became a necessity he could not live without and after a month of ‘serious’ saving there was a frail, 5-foot, stone round his house.

Over time the wall had lost it’s agility to the ever falling rain, the ballast holding the stones together had started to blown off…

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Hey Love
I thought of writing you a song,
But Lord knows…
My voice is only good to scare errant kids.

I thought of painting you an art,
But with my ADHD….
I got no patience to floor Picasso.

I thought of coming over to you,
But heck this distance!!
I may need to use a time travel device!

Thus here I am…
A poet by passion,
A lover by default,
Giving my words to you…
Hoping to you they reach…
With all their flavour and depth!

I am a shy poet…
A hopeless romantic…
A lovelorn she…
Who yearns only for him.
Him whom I wish to have and to hold…
To stare and look at…
To smile and laugh with,
To kiss and to love
Both his soul and heart
His body too….

A million stars too late I maybe,
A thousand times over I may have tried,
To tell of my heartfelt yearnings,
Of all the butterflies I seem to harbour
For within you…
I see the galaxies light up…
And my own world compares not.

I write of your deep dimples I would wanna dive in,
Of the smirky grin you carry all day,
Of the bright smile that lighten my path…
For all I would wish everyday…
Is for you to keep your smile…
For its all that sets my heart on fire.

I’m a shy poet,
Thus I shall just write,
Of how my soul sings to his tune
Of my heart melodies to his presence,
Hoping one day with the shooting stars,
He may able to see me…
See beyond this poet who is shy…
Beyond this hopeless romantic.


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Position and Entitlements!

A silent night amidst the clamor around. Blurred visions despite the blinding lights. Wandering thoughts based on the ambiguities of life… Of drifters among the stars and interlopers between universes. Of galaxies around in their own orbits but still a sense of importance clouding our own judgement. With all planets revolving around the sun, including ours. Why then would we feel entitled to everything including assuming the Sun’s position… For the planets to revolve around us?
Are we that important or has our sheer ignorance bred an entire multitude of self serving selfish humanity???

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First Open Mic…

Having friends is among the greates gifts of life…having friends who share with you in your passion now that surpasses all greater joys that we can ever think of.


o more events together,more love shared ,more joy harboured all that and more.

I celebrate you all and rejoice in you all…may the poetry and passion within make all the ground we step on our everyday stage!!

Art flow…

There’s power in words indeed…let’s keep the fire burning.Our individuality is what makes us unique. hide it not,but let it show!!

Diverse Poets…

Let our passion be our driving force!!

#Photography credits all go to DylanPhotography…may the fruits I your Labour be tested far and wide.We appreciate your support through everything!!

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Diverse Poet’s

Art flow…

In all its majesty!

Words spoken…

To express that which lies within.

Songs sung…

If that which we keep hidden.

Voices found…

To set out souls free.

Bonds made

Through passion witthin.

A home found…

Passion groomed!

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Who Kills?

The equaliser of all.

The mind…
The best weapon within us.

The person…
A shell we carry just for show.

A killer…
The attitude we take for our pleasure.

The devil…
Who we are when not in unison.

So give a person the bullet,
A killer is revealed
The devil is seen
The mind is eased…
And death is cursed!

Thus to who kills…
The killer or death…
That I know not
But all of them…
That I know.