Posted in On self


Out of His words all were made,

From his ribs I was formed!

In the world all authority was given,

To subdue,dominate and enliven!
Queen of the Savannah I am,

Standing tall,with the giraffes I eat!

The super eagle I always am,

My hawk-eyes attentively they swoop!
Each step I take a rumble I make,

All those near and far know of my presence.

Whispers from the disgruntled those I hear,

But none courageous to grace my presence.
With the agility of the great cat I swoop,

Its patience getting me from sunrise to sunset,

The monsoon winds in its strength may pass,

But like the African baobab,Im firmly rooted!
The blue sky above me,

The brown earth below me,

Fire within me,

I stand tall,as Im made to conquer!


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